Friday, July 29, 2011

What the hell we would

do without electricity?!? Yesterday we had a planned outage with our electric company that went on from 8-4:30 in the afternoon. MAN...what a pain in the ass that was...OK you never realize how much we depend on power once it is gone for the whoooole day! We have known about this outage for a couple of weeks so I did have time to plan some activities with LDG...the thing is the weather has been pretty sucky this week.  {FU fog I am sick of you and the depressing gloom you bring}.  So plans needed to be altered. I decided that after baby gym I would meet up with our friend Special K do lunch and then take a stroll down at the outside mall - {this area of town seems to always have a beam of sunshine over it}. Had a really good time and LDG was tired from the days activities so she took a much needed nap while we were cruising the stores. We had been gone for a few hours so we thought..possibly the power could be back up....Nope not the case still no power. 

What was I going to do?!?... Usually LDG at this time {witching hour 3-5} is  getting up from nap, I am prepping for dinner/baking {cannot do either cuz my lovely oven is all electric} she is doing her snack and watching her beloved Nick Jr. programs - all is good in casa crazy.  Now......LDG could totally have a melt down because she is not able to watch her Nick Jr. or would she not notice and all would be ok? Of course...nope she noticed! So I said to myself..Let's actually just hang out with my daughter. No distractions from the computers, phones, TV's and all other gadgets that take up so much time out of our day.
We sat down together and I read her a book, we colored and we just played together. It was the first time in a long while that it was just us that way. And you know was AWESOME!

I am need to remember this day when I get caught up my day to day madness......Slow down, relax and enjoy!

Happy Friday!


Simply Me said...

It WAS the perfect day!! :) I loved it

Ciao Mamas said...


Feeling the love......