Monday, July 18, 2011

Possible new cool

club in town....This Thursday I am hosting our first of many {hopefully} play group. I am super excited and ready to get a few mommies and soon to be mommies together and have the kids go crazy....I am looking forward to this because the mommies coming are really down to earth and laid back no BS and that is how I like it. I sometimes think that some of these play groups {I have been to} are like "pissing contest" who's child is brighter, faster walker and all the other "stuff" that comes along with a growing baby/toddler.
A good play group should be relaxing and fun for the mommies as well as the little ones. I would like this group to be a time for us as moms to relax and vent some of our frustrations and joys of being a FTM {first time moms}.
It is always fun to compare notes with other mothers to see what they are doing to help me do a better job raising LDG. Bring on the fat free muffins and awesome conversation.....Ready to decompress!

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