Monday, July 25, 2011

I have decided that for the next month...

Oh.... on the subject of the double C's this is the surprise I
found this am my busted Chanel compact and my daughter no where
to be found! Mmmmmm coquinky dink?!!

I will start off the day on my blog with one kick ass quote from the Grand Dame of style and one woman who changed the face of fashion and did it on her own terms
Mademoiselle Coco Chanel...Why....Just because.

One of my favs
"You live but once; you might as well be amusing."

Welcome again Monday....Why do the weekends go by so damn fast. I know that I physically do not work out of the home, I can still not like Mondays - so much. Why it is hard to get my mo jo started on a Monday...Maybe it is all those years I was brainwashed to not like the M day or just because my hubby goes back to work and I am once again home alone mumbling to myself, having full on conversations with the dogs and talking Real Housewives with my daughter...yes I do subject her to this BS. As I  sit her with my decaf green tea {I really do miss you coffee} I am trying to get myself motivated enough to get myself in a pair of sweats and get my ass to the gym....I have been kinda lazy the past it is always hard to get back on the horse but I am off to get my cardio on because I have a huge next month and I need to keep my energy flowing....

I must leave you now cuz my lovely daughter has decided that a toilet paper dress is exactly what the dogs needed this morning...Ugh I hate Mondays


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