Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am one tired ass

mama today.....For the last month and half it has been nothing but events, get together and going away lunch/dinners, throw in a tumor/surgery on our Big "G" Golden.......AND I am pooped and so is hubby. We have been on a non stop social schedule for the weeks now and I think it is taking it's toll on all of us including the little one - and she is a pretty social child - she goes everywhere with us - she was at her first high end restaurant at just 6 weeks but because I have her on such a set schedule sometimes when we do veer a little from it,  she gets a little bit irritable - No matter how much fun she is having. With the socializing comes wine and food that is not on my ww menu....no matter how hard you try to stick to the good choices you always end up having a little too much vino and too many carbs...I am still working out but I can tell that my eating has not been as healthy as usual. My stomach is making it known that it is not happy {shaking fist at me} so I am riding the Green Tea and Veggie train all this week.

Week will consist of catching up on sleep {no more Ipad/phone 1 hour before bed time it has been interrupting my sleep pattern}, hanging out with my LDG, catching up on chores and projects.
As hubby and I were laying in bed exhausted last night,  we both looked at each other and said - this coming weekend it is all about us - You, me and LDG......and of course the furry ones... :0)

Smooches and have a Happy Tuesday!

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