Friday, July 1, 2011

Off to the nail

salon we go. Last Saturday I had an appt to get my pedi and mani on. I am spoiled I will go and get both done every two weeks.  I need my toes to look pretty end of story. We live in a micro climate area and has I have said many times before our weather pattern tends to switch on a dime so one day you may be wearing cool suede booties the next day you will need a pair of flip flops.  So the toes always have to be ready to go. Since we have 10 nail salons in a one mile radius in our neck of the woods the cost is reasonable enough that I can get away with it on a bi weekly basis.

Since my hubby had to get some work done that day,  I decided that it was time for little LDG to get her first toe coloring done..... not the full on pedi...Yeah....... I know she is too young...... but thought it would be a fun bonding thing for us to do together.  Hey...... if she can sit there for 1 hour more power to me. I decided that this will be something fun for me and her to do when daddy needs some alone time. I was pleasantly surprised she was wonderful. She sat through my OUCHY eyebrow waxing and while I got my mani/pedi on.  I then had little toes colored in a light spring orange color and they even put a little rose sticker on each of her big toes. She was in awe. She truly had a good time and I loved having her there for the whole event. Now...I told her this would be a special occasion thing only and not a bi weekly thing like her mommy. At that point she looked up at me and gave me one of her raised eye brows and beautiful smile....I then thought to myself....Oooops I might just be in

Happy Friday......

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