Monday, July 4, 2011

Have you noticed the hotter

the temperature rises the more stupid shit people do? Just watching the news this morning had me shaking my head their any thought process to what people do? Why would you drink and boat? Why is your 4 year old not wearing a life jacket while in a speedboat, when that same toddler is in a car seat/and or seat belt in the car???  Why drink yourself into stupor then go white water rafting? The amount of violence last night was crazy. Knife attack here, shooting there...What happens with the mercury rises?

While in the city yesterday I spotted more than one set of parents drinking away as their kids were far enough that could possible could cause harm to the child if one of the parent is not quick enough. Hanging over the rail off the GGB (on tipee toes) to see what is below...(the ocean and if you slip and fall you will be shark food). Seriously I saw this yesterday.....Just amazing.....Another thing I saw so many body parts yesterday I wanted to scream...yes it was warm but not butt hot. This is not Miami people cover up...... it was barely 79 degrees I do not need to see your man parts, and their are some people that should just stay covered up...I also do not get{totally off the subject and maybe because I am getting older} but what is with the shorts and cowboy boots?  It is one of the tackiest, most unflattering look of all times. It is warm outside go buy yourself a pair of nice sandals or platform espadrilles. The daisy duke look has been over for a bit and and very few people can get away with this look. They are as follows:
  • The original Daisy from Dukes of Hazard
  • Jessica Simpson during the remake
  • Britney Spears before breakdown
OK sorry about that just needed to get that out!
Happy Independence Day to everyone
Be safe.....

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