Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A tiny love poem to my....

beloved Bissell featherweight mini vacuum:

How much do I love you?
let me count the ways.....
you suck up hundred of fur monkeys a day
and pick up the tiny Cheerios spills from my little dear
You work on water, you work on dirt and you work on anything that will eventually hurt
You clean my sofa and love seat too...... you make me happy with everything you do!
I tried another.... but it was not you
came back and knew that you were true!

*all this for $23.99

This is what happens to your brain due to
  • Lack of sleep
  • Too much Nickelodeon Jr.
  • Lack of adult conversation
Happy Hump Day!


Simply Me said...

haha I love you :)

Ciao Mama said...

See...I finally snapped

Chatón said...

Cute poem. Love your blog! I like your perspective on things. Perhaps we can link to one another some time. Check out my blog at If you like it, become a follower and let's continue this dialogue!

Ciao Mama said...

Hello Chaton
Thanks! I have also checked out and following your blog-Love.
Looking forward to reading more....:0)

Feeling the love......