Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OH OH .......It's

Potty time.....Yesterday was the day I broke down and finally decided that it was time to start thinking of potty training LDG...Ahhh the joy of potty training sounds like..... a lotta not! I mean it will be awesome not too think about diapers - not buying them, changing them and especially smelling them! But it is a scary step for both me and I am sure LDG. I mean she watches in amazement every time I flush the toilet...the look on her face is like "MOM were the hell did that go?". LDG is definitely curious about the whole "potty thing" so I decided that besides watching me go {hey it's part of the process} I would get her own side potty kinda get used to the idea. I decided to do the Baby Bijorn besides it being totally cool looking it does not come with allot of bells and whistle - it is basic...because down the line your not going to have all those bells and whistles in the outside world!
I am looking forward to this and super excited to see how it goes. I heard from other mommies that girls are easier to potty train than boys...Fact or fiction...We will soon find out!!

Wish us luck.......

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