Thursday, July 28, 2011

The playdate that saved me......


me from having a total OCD melt down.  Yesterday I had a play date with my awesome nephew L Dog. My sister in law just has another bundle of joy so we have him come over here so mama can get a break. L dog has enough energy of 5 kids it is crazy, I wish I had that amount of energy! I decided that today we would do picnic in the living room day. I laid out a huge fluffy blanket added huge pillows from the couch and made it into a toy island. Made them toasty grilled cheese sandwich sticks and healthy tator tots. They were "stoked"
I figured if I did this, the mess would be held to a minimum MMMMMM how very wrong I was!
See when you have this OCD brain were everything has a place and a place for everything -  when things get out of wack my brain becomes jumbled { I am really, really trying to relax - I swear I am}. But one thing at a time. I gave up caffeine, cigs, and shopping {ok shopping not so much}.
I decided that yesterday I was going to let go. What is the worst that could happen?  I would have a messy living room for a few hours SO WHAT! I needed to learn that I will not get these times back with my child and I should be as silly as I can be with LDG. At this age they look at you with stars in their eyes and think you are the greatest person ever. In a few years she will be giving me the finger and telling me she hates me. Do I really want my child to remember mommy going crazy because the couch cushions were not just right?  I think NOT.

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I just sat back and let the kids be kids and let them due what they due.
Have fun!

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