Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is not a so fun day....

A couple weeks ago we discovered what seemed to be a small little bump by the neck of our beloved 6 year old golden retriever big "G" we made sure it was NOT a tick. Looked it over and figured it was probably just a little cyst. The other day my husband and I were again checking on the spot and hubby noticed that it was bleeding. Which I automatically took as a bad sign,  since this is the same way we discovered our little love bug cat had cancer last year. Unfortunately our little furry diva did not make it and we had to put her down earlier this year...She was 16 yrs old and a sweetie - she used to drive me crazy with her meowing all day but I do miss her . That is why I do not think the family is ready for another pet to go through what our little kitty went through. I should not jump to conclusion but that is how my mind works. My hubby...... of course is always a tower of strength for me and told me not too worry and not too jump the gun. Thank God he is in my life.

I have noticed that Big G has lost a bit of weight but I thought that was because she was getting a bit more exercise than usual. Her appetite is still very good. We have an appt. early Friday morning to make sure that everything is cool but I am still worried. My biggest worry is her little sister little C....... if something God forbid happens she will be a mess. They have been inseparable since we rescued little C from very bad owners that should never be allowed animals - Bastards! When we brought Little C home she weighed only 32 pounds.  Present time...not so much. Little C has doubled in weight and certainly filled out but you know what...she is happy!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well. Friday is going to be a long and hopefully positive day. I am not a huge prayer person but I will be saying my prayers tonight for my beautiful, special dog. We love you!
My big boo

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