Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Tuesday WTF it's

the end of June. So over this weird weather. I mean..... were we live we have never had what everyone else in the world technically calls "summer" but this is ridic. I mean come on..No wonder everyone is in a fowl mood. I don't blame them with this messed up weather. It is cold and it looks like fall outside. Hopefully what the weather peeps said this am actually is going to happen. They say were in for a nice week and 4th of July which would be a first.

The sucky part of this weather is it limits what you can do with baby and the dogs just get super depressed. LDG does have a play date with her cousin L Dog this afternoon. Which should be fun for her and challenging for me since there is no outside cuz of the lovely weather.....So today I am going to bake some cookies and have the two little ones help me out.  They can then have fun trashing the play room.

Not much else today....

PS Alaska please do not send any more of your crappy weather to us

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