Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeah Friday....

and I am feeling so good this morning....When I was working away I loved Friday for the long awaited happy hour and an opportunity to see an awesome group of friends {minus a few losers who I thought were friends but come to discover they were leaches}. I am so glad that part of my life is over - 100 percent drama free and loving it. I am glad Friday comes around now because I get to spend it with family, TRUE friends, my hubby and beautiful baby girl.

I also am super excited this Friday because the wheels and the creative juices have been flowing and it feels good. You get pregnant, have a baby and go through all the fun stuff {yeah right} of having a child, the brain you used to use for idea juices becomes a ghost town of thoughts. For real....Sometimes I cannot remember simple things as my phone number and a simply errand to the grocery store becomes a game of were is my purse, at home it is wheres the milk .....I swear....... I placed it in the fridge I find it 2 seconds later in the cupboards. Whhhatttt?

Anyways...... an idea that has been stewing in the brain for quite awhile and could possibly become an actual live "thing" {what I am calling it until the logistics are ironed out}.The initial meeting of the minds happened yesterday and it went well.
I figured now is the time, shit or get off the pot...... if I do not do it now when am I going to have the opportunity to do this again. LDG is getting older, she will soon be doing the 2 day a week preschool circuit and I will be left with quite a bit of time on my hands. I do not see myself going back to the "corporate world" it is just not appealing to me anymore. The long ass hours, never spending anytime with your family, the extreme BS and the stress of it all takes a toll on your body, character and a total mind frame. When I was in my 20's I thrived on it, in my thirties I kicked ass, in my 40's, does not sound like fun. If it does not work out at least I know..... I tried.....I am taking this new journey in life with a good friend and member of the OCD club. It is like we have the same brain....except hers in

Wish us luck and we will keep you posted on the outcome....

Happy Friday!

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