Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My LDG's style.....

I am going to try something different in the next few days. Maybe.... because..... YES I am that bored right now! Or I just miss the creativity and juice the fashion industry used to give me. I might be in a rutty rut....Help!

LDG is getting older and she has been napping up a storm after our morning activities so I have a few hours in the day were there is so much friggin reality TV you can watch before your brain grasps those few little brain cells left.  This is after I have played with the dogs, cleaned, laundry.... you get the drift.
When I am out and about with my little one I get comments on her clothes and over all style on a daily basis. It could be a piece of clothing, shoes or the over all "look.  Let me tell you I troll stores, websites and speciality outlets and take some time in merchandising my daughters closet and clothes. It is funny but when their born you do not know what type of "style" your going to direct them too or what type of  clothing your little one will eventually choose.  There was allot of pink in the beginning, because quite frankly their is not much else out there. And yes I have checked,  that is unless you want the following "looks".

  • a casting extra for the Jerseyliciouse, RHONJ and Jersey Shore
  • I am all for black but if I see one more black skull onesie, t shirt ect... I am going to scream
  • Peptobismol pink fluffy things with stupid slogans "I am princess in training". Blah Blah
  • Juicy Couture Ohhh so not
I want a cool laid back SF style with a little high fashion mixed in that is not based on the "typical" four season palette - is that too much to ask for????
**We live in micro climate which means everyday we have a toss up of weather - it could be warm one day and butt freezing the next. I would love to find a clothing manufacturer that caters to this weather - it is hard to dress your kid when you go out shopping for them and all we have to choose from(right now) is shorts and and sundresses!

All of the outfits that will be featured are  LDG her "out and about wardrobe" she has her play clothes for inside the casa. Those are for thrashing and riding the dogs

If you like what you see let me know and I will let you know were I bought the pieces....

This was yesterdays outfit of choice

Dark rinse skinny jeans with Cameo T Shirt

Awesome fringe moccasins

Army Green Jacket

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