Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Hump Day....

day everyone. I look out the window I see that our Bi Polar weather has hit us once again.  We are sucked in with fog and this lovely  sea wind..... not breeze {Thank you weather man}. Anytime is gets butt hot in the valley our bay town gets the super thick fog and it is so annoying. However when Sept finally does come around we get the best weather ever {most times this awesome weather pattern will last until Thanksgiving}.  Sunny, warm no breeze our awesome Indian Summer.

If you read my past posts you know that we have been having issues with "The Neighbors". I finally had the chance to pin the mother down {not an easy task} and explained to her about the dogs barking all night from Friday until Sunday.  Obviously she already knew about the problem because another neighbor had left a note re: the barking and the dog shit all over her deck.

She started apologizing as soon as as she opened the door - which was much appreciated. She informed me that she had someone come in to take care of the dogs.  Mmmmmm.....I was home the whole weekend because we were all so tired from being up all night. I had a clear view inside her living room and saw the dog bowls - which were not refilled with food the whole time she was gone. So this "person" she left in charge either did not do her  and you need to get your money back or the mother is lying to me. I also let her know if she ever needed any help with the pooches too let me know and we would help her out if she had to go out of town.
She definitely wanted me off her porch asap and seemed a little dismissive I just do not get people like that. You are lucky the neighborhood did not call the police that weekend. The daughter has been avoiding everyone as usual. The son is back from his trip and I am glad too see him.... he is a good guy.

Speaking of dogs. I am thinking LDG thinks that she is one.  LDG is an only child and I really do think she thinks G and C are her siblings. She is beginning to do stuff like the pooches. Which would explain the pic....Enough said......Happy Wed

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