Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday shopping day.....

LDG's outfit for errand running day - the weather is supposed to be really nice today, but we live in the Bay Area so black is an acceptable summer shade......I don't pop out the "summer" dresses until it hits 80's in the city and that rarely happens.....It has always been funny to me that we Bayarians" tend to strip at the first sign of 70....Dude it is not that hot...come one....3232ded2 oops sorry aboout that my little one just got hold of the lap top. I have a very good friend coming by "casa crazy" today....I wanted to see her before she left on her amazing trip to Africa I have a little gift for her long ass trip.  I am so excited for her....this is a trip of a life time and she is going to have an amazing time and she deserves it!

Today is running errand day I do not know how much I will get done for my LDG has two HUGE ass molars coming in in the back and she has been super duper restless.   Gave her a few of these holistic teeth tablets...let's see how those work....Pfft  I am going to try and get out of the house as early as possible today....before she she hits the wall.

I am still running stealth mission on my "The Neighbors" I have not seen any movement since they "supposedly" got back....Will I ever be able to get to them.....???!!!!

Smooches and have a great day!

Black Trimmed Leggings
SS B/W Tunic Dress

Black Patent Mary Janes


Simply Me said...

have fun girl! Let me know if you need anything! Miss you like crazy so hopefully see you this week :)

Ciao Mama's said...

I did speed grocery shopping this am cuz LDG has slight fever cuz of teeth yeah....Totally let's make plan to have lunch this week...Thursday I will be held hostage by home depot with new dishwasher...Thank god we controlled ourselves we almost walked away with new stove...I think that will be for next month

Feeling the love......