Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pft Thursday.....

Although I have been stuck in the house most of the has been pretty hectic. We are having a wall unit built, with  2 additional lovely closets,  we are also including a queen size Murphy bed and some additional shelves for LDS's ever growing annoying {sounds} toys!

Because we have a couple of contractors downstairs I need to be made available to them throughout the installation just in case they have any questions. I am not used to being stuck in the house all kinda sucks! I am usually out and about pretty early in the morning running errands and doing "mommy" stuff. This does not mean I have not kept my happy ass busy. You know all those things..... you have been meaning to do but never get to it. That is what I did today.

  • I cleaned out 2 of my junk drawers. I know the third one will never be kept clean. That drawer is the we need about 800 batteries in order to keep all the power on all the annoying sounds of LDG's toys.
  • Cleaned out the broiler drawer and organized all my baking pans
  • Tried to re organize our mini pantry but LDG'S snacks have taken over the limited amount of space we have
  • Dumped some old VHS movies {yes VHS} which kinda sucked because my best horror films were just tossed in the recycle bin
  • Alphabetized the DVD's - yep I am anal
I wanted to tackle the spice cabinet but LDG decided it was time to get up from her nap. Giving her some lunch and she has become glued to the TV - Garfield is on.  I guess that is better than the Law and Order I had on before I changed the channel...bad mommy!

Making a nice roasted chicken for dinner tonight already prepped and oiled it all up and is ready for the oven. By the way just bought this awesome kitchen stool for LDG is rocks and makes getting dinner ready soooo much easier.

I heart all the  awesome stuff you can find on line.....


LOVE this kitchen stool

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