Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday friggin fun day.....

Day 2 no sleep - "The Neighbors"
dogs barking again from 11:30 to 3:00 am. We fed them through the deck because it looks like they have finished the food that was left for them.  At least I can see through the deck and I see that they left water for the poor things. I called the animal control to see what I can do, they informed me that as long as they have food {the food we are giving to them} and water they can not do anything. They did inform me however that if the dogs bark again tonight to call the sheriff department because that would be a noise complaint and then the sheriff can do something about it...I do not want to call the sheriffs dept that is not my style but right now I am worried about the dogs....I really do hope someone comes home today. I want the animals to be taken care of and I also  cannot do another night of no sleep!

LDG's Sunday outfit - off to the farmers market we go!

Fuchsia tennis shoes and knit paperboy hat
Black boyfriend pants, white point t shirt
denim jacket

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