Monday, June 27, 2011

Stellar weekend was had by

all. We had a pretty packed week and weekend. Had some construction that was being done last week. Our place is a 3 bedroom 3 level home which was plenty big before LDG came knocking on the door {surprise mommy and daddy}. When LDG joined our happy casa we turned my closet {sigh} into her nursery. We have a big room on the lower floor that when I was working was used as my showroom/office and after I stopped working a guest "suite". Well...... as you know...... when you have kids they come with allot of crap so I needed a place to store ALL of her toys,  I cannot have them scattered all over the house. It would have driven me insane so we decided to make the downstairs space into LDG's play room. Now when her cousins and play friends come over they can downstairs and trash the room and no one has to see it.

Anyways..... we had this A-M-Azing wall unit built and let me tell you kudos to the California Closets Team they rocked from the sale consultant who came to the house and the installation team that was here all day Thursday,  everything was done with utter professionalism- which in these days and times is pretty hard to find! It added so much storage space and the bonus is there is a Murphy bed so when we have guests over we also have a place for them to stay.

We had really nice weather on Saturday.  We decided to meet some new friends in the downtown area for some drinks. The area was jumping with activity and it was a great afternoon had by all. We then had a birthday party in the neighborhood with a set of very good friends.  Awesome taco bar and a few more glasses of vino made it for a great evening. After you have a baby,  it gets very hard to keep the set of friends that you used to party with so it is always great when you meet a good group of people in the neighborhood that you can hang out and have a good time with. Sunday was hang out with family day. We chilled, relaxed and enjoyed each others company. The next week is jammed back with LDG activities and getting ready for the long 4th of July weekend - Yeah!!!!
We are getting a visit from CGM my lovely MIL and Ms. LDG's only grandma we are super excited. The last time CGM saw LDG she was a little monkey who barely weighed 6 pounds now she is a full on on the go - toddler.

As I am trying to finish this blog Ms. Thing has scaled the couch and is about to bonsai on one of the dogs. Haaaaa the joys of motherhood.

Gotta go
Happy Monday!

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