Saturday, June 11, 2011


boy am I pissed this morning.... WHY....because I  have had very little sleep and when I do not get sleep {at least 8 hours} I get very very cranky....WHY...... you ask did I not get my usual 8 hours of beauty sleep???
 **at 41 plus you need all the damn sleep you can get to rejuvenate the skin and your whole body....ardy har har!

My lovely neighbors dog {little rat} decided to hang outside the deck and bark for most of the night. Now I usually can tune out this type of annoying barking sound for God's sake I was raised in the city..... shit drag queens used to fight outside our apartments bedroom window and it was just another Saturday night! However we are in the burbs now and it is so quite on our street that the sound of a barking dog echoes throughout the night! I got up at 11:30 first I rang their doorbell no answer I then knocked on the door still no answer....Now it would not surprise me that they would be in the house and not answering the door they have played this game before...Let me give you a little background on "The Neighbors"...

They don't speak, they don't socialize, they do not make eye contact {which always gives me bad feeling}. The mother seems to always be away and working. Two young adults -one female 21 the other male 18 {he seems OK - laid back.  "The Neighbors" moved in about a year ago..quietly and without major fan fare. We have tried to get to know the mother and the daughter but they seem to be really socially awkward...We have  a very social cul de sac and we are always outside talking and bullshitting with each other but they never make the initiative to come by and say hello {except for male "neighbor"}. I remember when a package was accidentally delivered to my door by UPS - I assumed the box was for us cuz I do order quite a few things for LDG...I noticed mid box rip that the box was for next door. I go to "The Neighbors" door to explain why the box was open,  ring doorbell and no answer....Which was weird since a few minutes before I saw "female" neighbor enter her home. I leave the package at the door, two minutes later all I see is hand, arm behind door, reach for package shut door - I find that creepy! Or is it just moi?

Anyway back to last night.....after many knocks knocks on the door and not getting any response we go to "The Neighbors" deck,  flash the light to see if the dogs are ok.  Once the light hits the deck they both snuggle through  the doggie door and back into the house.  At that point we also notice that there is dog shit all over the deck. I know it is their deck BUT we were wondering WTF was going on with all the flies/ we know. And I do not like neighbors messiness to affect my neat area and the resale value of my property...You do not mess with my money...period!
BTW the little astro turf dog shitting square you leave on your deck is not working....They need to be walked that is how is usually works.

The poor animals were probably barking because I have a feeling all "The Neighbors" have gone somewhere and left the dogs inside the house.... by themselves and they are craving some attention. I noticed the little dog was barking all day yesterday afternoon but I just thought he was barking because I had my dogs, LDG and L Dog all outside playing away. I have not seen anyone at the house for the last couple of days and I am scared for the dogs.

I don't get it people -  you have a responsibility you decided to take on...Animals and especially DOGS cannot be left for long periods of time without some company and TLC. If you do not have the time, patience, energy, and did I mention THE TIME don't adopt/rescue a damn dog! You are not doing them any favors buy adopting/rescuing the creature and just leaving it by itself in a house for LONG periods of time. That just sucks....I get really upset when dogs are not treated like a member of the family. I might be "too much" with my furry monkeys but I consider my dogs my four pawed children. So it friggin pisses me off when I see things like this.
By the way you have two healthy,  2 legged {new word} young adults in the house get off your lazy asses, stop playing your stupid video games get some exercise and play/walk your dogs...GOD

So today I will be running a stealth mission neighborhood watch to see if and when "The Neighbors" will be back and we are going to have a little chit chat about the whole leaving your dog, barking, shit cleaning drama.....God I suck when I am cranky!

Wish me luck!

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