Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am super ass sleepy this am. I am wondering if it has to do with this lovely overcast,  looks like it is going to rain but does not rain weather which I have grown to dislike immensely! Or could it be that I have been getting up at 4:00 am for the last week.  Yeah that sounds about right!

I decided to weigh myself at home this morning instead of rushing out to hit the gym and then the WW meeting. LDG was sleeping so peacefully this am I did not want to wake her. I want one morning were I do not hit the floor running and everything is a rush out the door to another activity. I also think I overdid it at the gym yesterday and my back/neck is feeling a  little abused - *I have to be very careful with the back area mine went out almost 4 years ago (damn you beautiful high heels) and it was the worse pain/situation I have ever encountered. I never ever want to feel that helpless again, ever!

I lost another another 1.8 pounds for a total of 11.8 pounds and I reached my 5 percent goal
YAHOOOWEY! I have now set my 10 percent goal and hope to hit that in a month and half. So far the program has been pretty easy,  if you fill up with fruits and veggies you are good to go! This Sunday is Easter so it might be a little hard to stay in program, however being that it is a Sunday there will be no wine drinking cuz hangovers on Monday sucks especially when you have to take care of the baby all by yourself. I will be baking away on Saturday for I decided to make Easter sugar cookies for the baskets! I will post some pics on Saturday.

I love these mornings were I am still hanging out in my PJ's, LDG still sleeping and the dogs are both on their blankets snoring away......Ahhh peaceful silence something that I have been missing for the last year and half and does not happen often....Just some time to sit back and reflect on what a truly wonderful life I have.

OK this is too funny!
Have a good day everybody! Smooches

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