Friday, April 22, 2011

I need to know what you would have

done?  Today was your typical am at Casa Crazy. Get up do what I needed to do in order to get out the door  in a timely manner to head out the door (gym)- this might sound frivolous to some people, but the gym is keeping me sane right now and with the anxiety levels I am working with a morning work out relaxes me and gets me through the day. order to work out in the am you need to make a reservation the night before which I did so I am good to go. I arrive at my appt time and go through my normal  OCD arrival preparedness.  Say hello to the staff {who are the best}, drop off my diaper/snack bag and get my little one ready to go in the trenches to play away. As I remove my daughters jacket I can not help but notice one of the babies that is being held by one of the care takers.  I look and then do a double take.

Wow....this child's face is covered -  I mean COVERED in chicken pox scabs - I am not exaggerating here, covered from head to toe. I have seen CP before but not like this...  Maybe becasue the baby was tiny(compared to me 31 1/2 inch inch amazon baby) so the chicken pox marks appeared  to be even bigger on her tiny little body. Poor little one is screaming for her mommy and she was looking a little green to me.

I ask the staff  - WTH  is this baby doing in GYM day care (anyone can skip gym when your child does not feel good -  it's  OKKKKKK,  you can miss a day of Yoga {yep totally being sarcastic} the child looks like hell and is covered in CP marks - I know that I was not going to be the only other mother who was going to feel this way as soon as they saw the child. Anyone who tells me different is lying!
I just happen to be the early bird and happened to be one of the first mommies there.

Note- I am not one of those mothers that need to purrell the hell out of their kids every time they touch something - kids should not be asked to live in a bubble -  kids are going to get dirty. Hell my dogs tongues are always on LDG.

They are like "Well the mother said that she is no longer contagious and that she is OK". I can see from the doubtful looks on their faces they were not quite sure either.

I am like...... NO not OK! I don't known her and I don't know her doctor and I have not clue if this kid is contagious or not.... I have seen mothers straight up lie that there kid is not sick - some of these ladies are so obsessed with the work out -note I said SOME not ALL!

At this point I am retrieving LDG and I am about to pull out. I was not taking the chance, nothing against this other child but LDG is just 14 months and her immune system is not ready to handle the CP plus I do not want her to go through that type of headache at this age. It clearly states that children who are sick should not be brought into the day care. CP - if still contagious will spread like wild flowers.
Day care is a petrie dish of friggn germs!!!

One of the staff members was worried and went upstairs to retrieve the mother - I am sure they were worried not only by my initial reaction but of the reactions of the other mothers who were due in.
During this time I decided to take LDG oughtta there and we took a walk to get some coffee. I figured by the time I got back the understanding mother would have taken their poor sick child home.

Nope ...did not happen that way....I got back and there she was, sitting on a rocking chair, breast feeding her kid. Like nothing was up .....Akward....Yep....siree!

I decided at that point to leave. Once again I was not going to expose my child to that. Contagious or not..Call me a bitch but my child comes first -end of story..And I feel that  the mother was a tad bit selfish to bring in her child who could potentially still be very sick and she might have exposed other children to the CP.

Maybe I am making a big deal about this....Was I too paranoid? What would you have done?

Ahhhh the joy of being a new mother!


Mackenzie said...
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Mackenzie said...

I would have done the same thing... I'm amazed you didn't say anything to CP mom. Totally unacceptable. Part of me feels like a call to CPS would be in order due to inadequate care for a child with a highly contagious illness. But then, I deal with seriously awful parents at work on a daily basis, so I have a tendency to just error on the side of caution. That, and I can already tell I'm going to turn into a huge bitch when it comes to my kid's safety and health.

Angela said...

I would have done the same thing mostly because it grosses me out. My kids have had the vaccine (ugh). I have heard MANY times that kids are not contagious at that point. I don't feel like she was mistreating her child or anything. I believe it is a part of social etiquette and human decency to NOT bring a sick child around other children like that just out of respect for others. I know that being stuck in the house with this can make you insane, but suck it up. Go for a walk up hill or something, lol. Stay out of the gym, daycare, whatever, till the scabs are gone.

Ciao Mama's said...

Good OK so I did do the right thing! I felt bad but the child was pretty scabby.

Feeling the love......