Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am a purse junkie...

a really, really bad junkie...I love all colors, shapes and sizes but I am really into huge Chanel and Gucci and now my new fav Celine bags.  Yeah  have expensive taste but I also worked hard {when I was working} and saved up for the ones I have. Ok.... the last couple of bags I got were gifts from my AWESOME husband but I attempted to squeeze out a small human being from my body and I think I deserved it - even though I had to have an emergency c section at the last moment I was prepared to go go for the gold!

Below is what I am drooling over and must get at least one...soon

Love love this bag almost bought it except it is a real pain carrying a baby and trying to hold this bag in the crook of your arm

Just got the Orange Celine bag just a little less structured in an amazing burnt orange color

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