Thursday, April 14, 2011

Woo Hoooo....

I am getting my hair done today.  Cannot wait I am super excited a few of my greys are making their presence known and it has taken all my strength not to pluck them out of my scalp. I am sitting here at 7:02 in the am totally exhausted. My lovely pooch has been having stomach issues so Coco decided to get up at 3:00 o'clock this shoot her poop....So when she gets up the whole household is up. Baby started to cry at the same time, Gucci was trolling for a new place to sleep, my husband cranky as hell headed outside with furry monkey number 2 and I headed to the couch. Once I am up I am up and only TV will put me back to sleep! So I slept for another hour or so then back up at 5:00. So I am a little pooped.

Little Drama "G" will be joining me at the salon today...hope all goes well....She has been there in the past  but now that she is mobile and digging her independence with the walking "thing" I want too make sure that she does not bother the other stylist. 

I am thinking of going a shade lighter on hair color for the summer. Not quite sure yet I guess I will decide when I am there.

Smooches, M

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