Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have baby will travel???

I was flipping through some of my old scrapbooks and I am amazed and truly fortunate to have traveled to some pretty amazing places.They say making a list of your travels makes you truly appreciate were you have been -  Here is my list

Paris 3 times I love Italy but Paris holds a very special place in my heart
All over Italy
Costa Rica - WOW
Brazil and in the Amazon Jungle - Will do Brazil again  - Amazon Jungle - not so much but I hiked through the Rain Forest and it kicked ass
Mexico - Cancun, Cabo, TJ (yeah that counts) Cozumel, Mazatlan
Grand Cayman Island
All over US from Seattle, NY(loved), New Orleans(loved more), Chi-Town, Florida, Texas.
Hawaii how I miss thee all your islands rock

As I look over the list I am wondering how we are going to get to the other half of the world that we really want to see towing a baby/child. Some destinations we want to go to have flight times of 16 hours. It is hard enough to keep a child's attention for an hour let alone 16 plus. Can you imagine being stuck on a plane for a day and half with a baby. Nope...I don't.

We have taken a few trips here and there. The longest so far has been the trip we took to Maui. We did a direct flight and it worked out well.  I am going to say this - it costs a little extra but if you can wrangle an upgrade to business/first class do it. You will keep your sanity. There is more room for the little ones to move around and less people to annoy....The next trip is Cabo,  so it is an even shorter trip so we should be good. I also want to take LDG to see Grandma in Florida.....It was hard enough packing for myself now you need to add LDG's wardrobe and she is one stylin' baby. Besides the extra clothes, you have stroller, all the baby crap (diapers,wipes ect..) food/snacks, toys to keep them busy, if your breast feeding your good to go if not you have to deal with formula and trying to get that stuff through security..is...Oh so much fun! I want LDG to have the best and I want her to be exposed to other cultures and places, but traveling with a child is a bitch....

Some parents have used Benadryl to get through some long flights but I have heard that it could work either way - some kids go right to sleep on others -  it works like liquid speed and they are jumping off the walls. I have not tried the B route I have planned the trips around her usual nap times and so far this has seemed to work.

So we hope that our future will hold some really awesome trips - next stop is Turks and Caicos.....

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