Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is time for a change

to "Little Drama G's" room....I am bored with the little jungle theme we did before she was born...It is time to shake things up. I am not sure at what age she will be going from a crib to her big girl bed. No need to wait on the planning thouogh it all takes time. Right now I am headed towards a Paris theme. Yep all things fashion. I am now scrounging flea markets and Ross(You find the best stuff for the home at Ross go figure) stores for Eiffel Towers knick knacks and anything to do with fashion. This is what I am digging so far. Since I cannot paint her room black - yet (j/k) I will be going down this route.  Not to frilly and girly just enough but not to much. However the Fairy theme is still in the running I am on the fence right now. This is what I have so far.

What is not to love about Paris

Love the dark wood will go with the rest of the houses decor and I love sleigh beds!

Come on you gotta love these lamps

I will also be re painting the room and giving it more of a subtle paint color-  right now we have a shocking sun happy yellow that goes well with dark wood and moss. The room was painted this happy shocking color just before I found out I was preganant - Little Drama "G"'s room was my closet before she decided to join our world.

Check out the friggin awesome sheets and duvet cover

Yeah Yeah I know but it is sooo cute

What room would not be complete without a groovy bean bag



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