Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peek a boo....

I was running a day care today. LDG and my awesome and adorable nephew L-Dog had a play date, add in the two dogs and it was mayhem in the house...... a good mayhem. It was so cute to see them both play together they are a year apart so it is the perfect age.  I had them outside for most of the day today because it was so nice {some natural Vit D}. I had all the essentials - an awesome Tyco Bubble machine - which is the best thing ever - these damn machines are like kryponite to toddlers. You now have the power...the power of the BUBBLES. It amazes me that something as simple as bubbles can keep a child so busy for so long. Thank you bubble fairies. 

I also had this cool tunnel thing were they could go through and through as many times as they wanted - come on little ones your getting sleepy. A fun activity today was the sidewalk chalk which they attempted to write on the dogs and the neighbors porch with, complete with a thrashing of the play room,  some graham crackers and milk and we were good to go! Fun times had by all. Thank God Grandpa was here to help.

My little ball of energy nephew just left and LDG is still bouncing off the walls from the pure adrenaline that is still pumping through her veins. I on the other hand am exhausted, done, pooped and did I say done??? I look like I was run over by a truck.

I always wondered if I was doing the wrong thing by only having one little one. LDG would be an only child, I had LDG at 40 blah blah blah....Today..... I am sooooo glad I decided to just have one. For me
personally two is just two too many. I like that I am just responsible to form the mind one little person. I could not take the responsibility of two.  I am glad LDG has her two cousins near by, my dad would like for us to be closer {we are a 45 minute care ride away}sometimes wish I was closer to the family but I really, really love were I live. Is that so wrong?

Today was a great day. I am now getting ready to whip up some dinner {Jumbo Scallops with toasted corn and tiny tomatoes salad)....yummy

Have a great night folks!!!!!

Feeling the love......