Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back in the saddle

again....Just got back from the gym,  I have been bad I have not been to the gym for the last week - I have done yoga at home, but I have been off my schedule for cardio...the big culprit..... my whole family was sick. I also really did not want to bring my "Little Drama G" to the gym baby care if I knew she was still sick.  I am pretty sure that is were the "virus from hell" came from.

So..... this brings up my total BITCH of the day...Mommies and some daddies if your child has green mucus rolling down their nose and has a cough that sounds like a 2 pack a day smoker, please keep them home. I have seen this time and time again at the gym day care.  I do not understand the need to bring your child out sick to work out for an hour -  don't worry that one rice cake you ate will not end up on your ass if you skip a day. We already live in a petri dish of germs with the little rug rats running around the house. Let's not add to the experimental platter of germs.

On the topic of babies and mommies I watched this new show last night{preview}. Pregnant in Heels on my "crack" channel Bravo. WOW...... These are some serious weird couples out there. It is funny that you need to fill out all this paperwork and go through a pretty massive interview to adopt a dog/cat from shelter but anyone can get prego and have a child. It shows how having to much MONEY can make you so bored that you have to come up with RIDICULOUS ways to keep your Upper East Side butts busy.....

One more thing.....I almost forgot I wanted to give a shout out to all the super ass RUDE people at the grocery store this morning. You made my day...Just the thought that their are such angry, vile mutants in the world gives me the warm and cuddlies all over.


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