Wednesday, April 13, 2011


have had a couple of rough days here at Casa Crazy with my little snuggle Coco (my rescue golden retriever) hairy baby monkey 2. Let's say her stomach has had a little trouble that could double for a few scenes from the Exorcist!

Having a soon to be toddler cruising the house you tend to collect a bunch of crap you do not really need. This child has so many toys and stuffed "thingies and just...... stuff that it is hard to keep track when one of the toys goes "missing". 

Problem...One of the stuffed lions had disappeared but I thought I could have chucked it {I have a slight OCD problem with clutter I am a chucker if we don't use it it gets chucked},or could my Little Drama G had thrown it off the deck when she was hanging outside.... NOPE that was not the case - the lion king had been eaten by my Coco a sight I got to see when it came out her other end.

Ewwww I know right? What the hell....I have cleaned up some messes in my life time but this one was a doozy....I felt really bad for my lovely Marta who comes every couple of weeks to help me out with the house she was present for the explosion and I was soooo embarrassed.  But what are we to do.... plug her up....... impossible. Coco is doing a little better this am but I will need to watch her like a hawk....So quick trip to weight watchers/gym then I am home. Hey I have some Easter baskets to get together for my niece and nephew...I also need to re organize the pantry,......

Ahh the glamorous life of a stay at home diva.....

Happy Hump Day

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