Sunday, April 10, 2011

What has happened...

to manners? Does anyone out there have any left? 

OK..... let's not group everyone in the same ball of rudeness - I am speaking in particular to the age group of 18-25 males, what the f*** has happened to you guys? Seriously now....what I saw the other day almost made me sick and I just wanted to reach out a slug your stupid face.

I was at the local town center with my daughter, nice spring day so we decided to take a walk.  This particular outside "mall"  has some really cute playgrounds for the little ones to jump around in.  I am sitting on a bench people watching{"Little Drama G" is playing away}. I notice an elderly woman - 
I would say in her 80"s, yes I said 80"s, trying to open the very heavy door of a local clothing establishment - As someone who was taught manners, I get up from my seat to go and help the nice lady out - before I am off my bench,  I notice a young gentleman {if you want to call him that, I used asshole after what I witnessed} that looked like he was going to help her out - WRONG!

The douche bag {on his cell phone - of course} - made his way through the double doors almost knocking over the lady and did not bother to even stop to see if she was OK and continued on with his conversation on his stupid cell phone. At this point I was livid and had a few choice words - however I took a deep breath and kept them to myself,  since we had a whole mini park of young kids and their mommies hanging about.
The asshole just continued on his way like nothing happened. I swear to GOD it took all my might not to reach over and slap that stupid Justin Bieber haircut off his little head.

What is going on ?????   This seems to be an epidemic..... this is not the first situation were I have witnessed such rude behavior from men {young ladies you are no better} it's like the manners have gone out the door. Now I am not saying that I am miss manners but I have always been taught to respect my elders. I witnessed these bad ways when I was pregnant...wobbling my way up a flight of stairs to make it to the Dr.'s office or an elevator and not one male would hold your door open {18-25 bracket} it is just plain rude!

I guess that I am just spoiled for I am married to a man who's mama taught him well. We have been together 12 years and to this day he still opens my car door and refuses to let me carry the bags when we are out shopping. His mom did an awesome job. Now I am not saying that  all this rests of the mommies shoulder - we have enough to do. The daddies are also responsible in teaching their children some manners.

My daughter is only 14 months and once she starts to understand more of what is going on I will definitely be drilling manners into her brain. If she chooses not to accept this mission she will then suffer the consequences.

We live in a 24/7 society were everything has become so impersonal - cell phones, Ipads, texting etc...let's try and make manners part of our daily life.  A smile and a thank you go along way.

Happy Sunday!


Angela said...

Children are the same way. Over this past spring break, while at Various Zoos and parks, my husband and I pulled out our parental voices on MANY MANY children who's parents were absolutely clueless. HEY! No running! Say excuse me! No snatching toys from other kids! On and on. Parents, if they were even around, didn't seem to care we were yelling at their kids. At the Oakland zoo, a kid PLOWED over Lila and I have never screamed HEY!!!!! so loud in my life. That kid had no parent around either. About 7-9 years old.
Kudos to you for keeping quiet. I, on the other hand, would/could not have.

Angela said...

And I love your obsessions of the day. I just got my 1st maxi dress of the season delivered to my door yesterday!

Ciao Mama's said...

Angela you rock. It was so hard for me NOT to say anything it is hard but I knew that I was going to lose it if I had. Took the high road, I think the look on my face said it all! summer is almost here! RHOOC tonight woot woot

Feeling the love......