Friday, April 1, 2011

Anti Aging .....April Fool's Day

So...believe this or not I have finally gotten to sit down and read last Sunday's paper! I know...I know I could be reading the paper on line but I just love to sit down and go through the paper the old fashioned shoot me!

Anyway there was this whole article on a bio tech firm in Palo Alto that has "supposedly" discovered
a compound that would revolutionize the beauty industry. Allegoric acid, which contains an anti aging propertie better than any other beauty item on the market - so in lamest turn they are claiming that it is the "fountain of youth" for your face. Wooo Hoooo

Products range from $65.00 for the eye renewal balm to $135.00 for the anti aging moisturizer. It goes under the name Algenist. Sephora and QVC will be carrying the brand.
Little pricey however I will be the first in line to try this product.  Why you ask..... anything that will help the "grill" stay fresh and glowy is worth the price.

I also think going this route and doing some pre maintenance on the face is better than shooting up botox.
Oh don't get me wrong, I have checked into botox,  however after much research and thinking I decided that it was not for me. It is hard not to get obsessed about staying young.  I live in the land of the botox monkeys. Marin county is full of women running around in their Mercedes SUV's with no expressions on their faces, sometimes it is hard to tell what they are thinking.....or not... {note not everyone in Marin County is a shallow botox monkey but their is def. a small circle that are}. Sometimes you have to deal with them in order to live in a place that is so beautiful!

I can honestly say that for being 41 my skin is holding up well -Most people think I am younger than my chronicle age WHICH IS AWESOME...I thank my regular facials, I stopped smoking{that was a biggie} and I wash/moisturize every exceptions!  Even during my drunkin' party days,  no matter how wasted I was {and their were many o nights} I always washed the kisser....

Why are we so obsessed with staying young? I ask that question on a daily basis. The plastic surgery obsession has gotten completely out of control allot of these women and some men are beginning to look like some bad science experiment...Example: I remember  visiting Orange County{Southern California} a little while back and being completely traumatized by the amount of fake boobs, lip injected, collagen filled cheek stepford wives zombies that were running around the malls. It was scary.....

Is that what men really want or have they been brainwashed to think that is what they want?

Something to think about......


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