Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damn parking.....

stupid meter maid! I am no stranger to a parking ticket for Pete's sake I lived in SF most of my life. But I had not gotten one in Marin County.....yet. I was shopping away for Little Drama "G" diapers, this BS that BS ....OK 2 really great pairs of shoes and a few dresses .....who is counting...????  I knew I had 20 minutes so I made it quick, placed enough money in the meter to cover the time and raced into the store. It took my 15 minutes, left the store, got to my car and  I had a ticket on my car...shit.....I am like WTF just happened.... I know I put money in the meter maybe I was in the store longer than I thought?  I take the ticket off the windshield and it is for $78.00....$78.00 MF dollars...Are you F***** kidding me? For what I thought was an expired meter...As I finish looking over the ticket I notice on the bottom of the slip it reads:

No current tabs

At that tim,e it does not register and I have no idea what the hell I did. I head home. That evening I brought up the ticket to my hubby. He has the same confused, dazed look on his face that I had when I got the ticket -

this is what happens when you have a toddler around the house you go insane and nothing make sense anymore. You also have the memory size of a pea. Things you used to remember at the top of our head no longer register. They used to call me rain man at work because I could remember/shoot out product numbers from catalogs that were 8 plus yrs old, now I am lucky to remember my child and keys before I leave the house.

Suddenly a bright light of recognition flashes on my husbands face, he leaves the house and goes out to the car...he comes back laughing and shaking his head.

He goes "Your registration stickers are missing?" I am like "what do you mean their missing, did someone take them again?' - yes I have had my registrations stickers stolen from my vehicle, something I did not notice until the NICE police officer pulled me over to let me know they were expired and I had no clue...

My hubby says no "you forgot to place them on your tags"...It seems that I got my registration slip months ago but with all the craziness that is now my life I shoved them in the glove box and forgot about them... How did someone who is OCD anal and always got to do it right away attitude forget her stickers in the glove box?
$78.00 really now? Come on

This will go down as the "stupidest" thing  have ever done!!!!! Can I have my brain back now? Please...pretty please with sugar on it?


britta said...

I hate parking tickets and whats worse is when they just come in the mail so you dont even know you got one. At least it was under 100 dollars!

Ciao Mama's said...

Thank God. I just don't believe I did that..duh

Feeling the love......