Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sound of Music????

Today was little drama "G" first day at mommy/me music thing.  I decided to join this group because it looks like my little one is really into music and why not.  The class is good!  Music, dancing with scarves if you added a bar we would be in a kiddie night club. Except there is allot less drooling! The instructor is really nice.

Okkkk I am trying here.....Let me tell you gang I almost lost it....I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this for my munchkin and whatever weird thing I have to do I am going to give my 110 percent of me!

This morning I danced with LDG, jitterbugged to some weird guitar chant and had a ball of fun. The one thing that tends to really bug me about these mommy and me events is some of the mommies. Now do not get me wrong I love where I live but their are days I just don't. This morning was one of those days. I want to know why it is so hard for some of these mommies in this area to be half way nice to the new moms. 
You can tell that just from the "looks" and vibes of some of these chicks that they want nothing to do with you. Out of the 5-6 moms there, 2 were super friendly the rest barely acknowledged your presence. my child is wearing skinny jeans and she knows how to rock them..Blahhhh

This is one of the reasons I have not joined a regular mommy and me group. Were are all the down to earth "real", sense of humor gals gone.  Please let me know!  I am always so willing to help out a new mom I do not understand why others are not. I know that my personality is hard to take. I am Italian which = Loud, over the top,  friendly...with one sick sense of humor..Come on what is not to ..I thought it was me for the longest time but I have found that I am not the only new mommy that feels this way in this area.

It is not just at play groups it seems to be all over, the grocery store, at the gym, at your local Trader Joe's  it is really hard to try and infiltrate the "groups" here. I fear that this is just going to get worse once my little one hits preschool. With some these gals it is all about your real estate value/location, what your husband does for a living and how long you have been on a waiting list for a preschool. Are we back in  friggin high school? I thought I left that BS behind a long time ago.

Mmmmm...... maybe it is time to start a new play group......Some that allows limited cussing, wine and a sense of humor!  Food for thought

True Happiness
 Note - We just had an earthquake 3.8 on the anniversary of the big one of 1906 how weird is that!


Anonymous said...

It's like that in a lot of places, but you can win them over. Gia has the biggest, beautiful blue eyes, but I guess I am prejudice.

Jaime said...

I think its like that everywhere for sure but you can set up your own play group with kids in your neighborhood for sure!

Ciao Mama's said...

Thanks for the encouragement I think we are looking to doing that soon!

Feeling the love......