Friday, September 7, 2012

WTF Fridayroo

people.....I have said this once and I am going to say it again DAMN time if moving way to fast. I am starting Halloween shopping and found a bunch of awesomly evil and scary things - Halloween is NOT all about happy ghost and friendly witches. Halloween at our house is allot more gruesome and insane. God I love October! It has been pretty hectic here at casa crazy as usual we are running around all over the place and it has been really busy. This weekend hubby and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. It was mellow and relaxing. We went to our towns Art Festival and had a blast. My husband surprised me with a black and white photo print of Julia Child's for our anniversary. I just picked it up from the artist and it is now hanging in my kitchen so I can look over and get that inspiration that only Julia can give you when cooking. My little GG starts ballet again next Monday and I started making plans for her birthday and the husband and I decided instead of going crazy with doing a party and having to deal with finding a place ect....that we would just go and celebrate her birthday in Cabo. It has been decided that every other year we will celebrate her birthday out of town - on her first we went to Maui,  2nd home and third Cabo.

  • Kanye is an idiot and Kim got famous via a sex tape black and white no grey area here - these two are a couple of douches and they deserve each other. Kanye how can you proud that your girlfriend was in a hard core porn as you state in your song. You and she should be ashamed of yourselves. What is going to happen when you bring a child into this world and she is a GIRL...Are those the kind of values you are going to instill in her. Yes go ahead KImmy Jr. and flash your KooKa and TaTa's to the world  your mommy did it for fame and money you can to. People like you should not be allowed to reproduce. 
  • Can someone please tell me WTF is up with the Xmas shit already being set up? I can't handle this I really can't seeing xmas stuff so early makes me hate the damn holiday. Stores if you think this will have e shop earlier you are sadly mistaken! Enough already. 
  • Is it wrong that sometimes all I wanna do is knock some people in the face for just being friggin STUPID

  • Can everyone just cut Harry a break...So he partied in Vegas BIG DEAL...So has everyone on this planet yeah we get that he is a prince and has all this royal BS he needs to do but dang give him a break. He is sewing some wild oats before he has to take on some massive responsibility in the future.  BTW he is sporting a nice little body.....
  • Can Justin Bieber just GO AWAY...little boy needs to shut his mouth everything that comes out is never good and always wrong. God all I wanna do is smack him the face. STFU already! I immensely despise this little man
  • I am soooooo sick of hearing about the post baby body of celebrities and how they can fit into to f*cking skinny jeans 3 weeks after giving birth. Yep it is easy for some of these bitches to to loose weight they gained through pregnancy. It's called trainer kicking your ass right after you deliver the placenta, dietitian, stylist, morning and evening nanny. It's easy to look and feel good when you have an army of people doing your shit for you. Give me a friggin break. Get a real life. 
  • When did cartoons become so PC and boring{sorry some of them are}...God some of them are so annoying YES I am talking about you Dora..I remember the only thing we learned from our cartoons was never to buy anything from Acme because their shit sucked and that bugs bunny has some identity issues...Ahh the good old days 

  • I get that it was tongue ad cheek homeland security however you should not joke about this Zombie Apocalypse because you know fo sure that their are people hiding in the hills with weapons and stock piling food for this very occasion. If it does happen I would rather have my brain eaten by a zombie than live with the hill people.

  • WTF is wrong with some women....Ex girlfriend of a passenger on a plane called up and the airline and informed them that her ex boyfriend was carrying like some type of liquid explosive. Plane had to turn around and do an emergency landing. Are you f*ckin kidding me?  That chick better be spending some time in jail. Who the hell does something like that? Are you crazed or what? You should be ashamed of yourself for doing something so fowl and terrorizing a plan load of innocent passengers.
  • Can someone please tell me where the hell all the damn sippy cups go?????? I had 10 I am now down to 3. Is their a special place they all like to get together to party? 

  • Thought I would leave you with this pic for your viewing pleasure. How Kim got famous and it surely was NOT sucking on a lollipop......

Happy Friday 


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

We need to ship Kim and Kanye off to a dessert island and leave them there! Loathe them.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Seriously...I saw Christmas crap at costco like 3 weeks ago..WTF?!
Poor Harry...I think its funny:) and yes give the dude a break!
I still have like 12ish pounds to lose before I am down to my pre baby weight. I hate hearing about all those celebs who look HOT right after giving the real world that doesn't happen very often.

joeh said...

You are hot this week. A Big YES to everything.

Can you look at Julia and not think of the SNL skit "Save the liver"

The sippy cups hang out with the lost socks from the dryer.

Jo said...

1. Is that Harry actually HUMPING a girl, though??

2. Hey, hubs and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in a couple months, too! Congrats!

3. OMG don't get me started on baby weight. I weigh exactly the same as I did before I got pregnant with my second baby, which is also to say, 20 pounds+ heavier than I weighed before I got pregnant with my FIRST baby, and I was already chubby before Baby #1, so all this is to say, I am way too chubby now. And I can't seem to lose a got-damn ounce.

4. I know where all my sippies are but not the friggin valves that go inside them (to prevent total spillage). So they are useless.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Wowza, you are on fire this week..

If Kim and Kanye!I think anyone giving Harry a hard time is just jealous, and if anyone even utters the word Christmas near me I will lose my sh*t!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Skinny jeans are the work of Satan.

KERRY said...

Hahahaha LOVE IT!!! That last one and the pic, priceless lol
Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!!!!
And Cabo? Can I come? LOL
I love your WTF posts, you bring things to my attention I didn't know and you know I love my celebrity goss (although I DID NOT like that disgusting pic lol, eeew) ;)
I agree, leave Harry alone! He's a young guy, living his life, not fair he can't when we all can :(
And I have a missing sippy, I have no idea where they go but when you find yours, see if mine is there too!!
Have a great day xoxo

Ana Fatima said...


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My Froley said...

Are there really people hiding in the hills and stock piling food ? Ouch
I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)

Feeling the love......