Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a friggin.....

mess of a morning it has already been at my house.  Now you all know that I love my husband but when the man is home my whole morning ritual with the dogs and toddler goes totally ape shit.  First of all she gets up at 6:30 not cool because that cuts into my morning get shit done time. She usually sleeps until 7:00 or so and being that I get up anytime between 5 and 5:30 to get everything done before she gets up - My morning starts of usually something like this.

  • Get up
  • Get tea ready or I am useless 
  • Try to blog
  • Unload dishwasher 
  • Take out food from freezer for dinner I plan menus a week in advance so I don't have to worry about what I am going to make for dinner at the last minute. I also LOVE to cook and bake so I love doing this kind of shit 
  • Dust, pick up and clean the second floor living area of our home and tidy up kitchen
  • Feed the dogs food and meds not for crazy but for joints 
  • Get my breakfast and GG's ready {plus her lunch and snacks for preschool}
  • GG gets up 15 minutes of I don't wanna get up change diaper pick her outfit for the day 
  • Make all the beds I NEVER leave the house without beds being made I know I know but I just cannot my moms was a clean freak and she taught me how to take care of a house
  • Get myself showered {yes I shower before I go to gym} and dressed and ready for the gym and take her to preschool. 

 I get bugged when she does not get up at the time she is supposed to......This morning was CHAOS. Dogs were restless because my honey was home...Fur Monkey 1 went crazy during our hike yesterday so she is limping like crazy and cannot apply pressure on her left paw so I have to be careful with her. FM2 is just so jealous that if  I pay any extra attention to the other she barks like crazy until she gets your attention by that point the attention is me throwing a  pillow at her....don't worry no harm was done to FM2......During this whole commotion GG is wanting to be with dad so I cannot get her attention to get her stuff done. My honey gives her Honey Comb instead of the non sugary cereal so GG is en fuego and she keeps repeating out loud all around the house that she is en fuego because she heard me mumble it under my breath as I was cussing out my husband for giving her Honey Comb. Dropped GG off and worked out like a maniac this morning I have some nice leather leggings I am going to be purchasing so I need to get my ass in tip top shape.  I am now back and heading into the city to pick up my friend in the hospital she had surgery this am and I am getting her home then it is back home to pick up GG from preschool hey at least I am crossing over one of the most beautiful bridges ever. So overall it has been a butt confusing backward kind of  day. It's 10:29 and I am already pooped.

Happy Day


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

It sounds nice to have your husband available to help and what not in the morning but in reality when they butt in it all goes to hell in a handbasket!

StylinMom said...

Oh Gawd can I relate....seriously in my next life I want to be my husband...chaos is happening and he doesn't even see it....freaking amazing!

Andrea said...

I am exhausted just from reading it!

Cyn Knight said...

routine is key to survival with a toddler and when it goes awry the whole day is ph*cked!
this is when i just drink wine until i don't care... lol!


Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Gawd, this sounds like my morning. It's insane to just get up, everyone ready and out of the house. I have done half of the day's yelling by 9am. This includes barking at my hubs to get out of the shower, change someone's bum, and not to forget his lunch like 50 times. I hear ya sister!

Feeling the love......