Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why does everyone want to

So horrible it hurts 
be a Pop star? What is the fascination with this POP offense people but more than half of these called artists today can't even sing. They prance around the stage is some god awful cheap looking outfits and then LIP SYNC to some electronic manipulated  music and play NO instruments, some of them think they can dance and they suck and hello they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SING. Every friggin housewife and every other person on a reality show think they can be an artist. No your not an artist you did not study the craft and no you are not friggin the second coming of Christina Aguilera....Yes she is super bitchy but the girl has a set of lungs on her and CAN sing. What has happened to music? What happened to bands actually playing instruments and writing music that has meaning instead of the same hook that is being played over and over again? I don't know music anymore because I really don't care to. Yes I have my basic   hardcore house music for working out but for listening and jamming to there is nothing out there because most f it sucks! How can it be that every other peons on a reality show stats that they have been singing/wanting to sing/ always have been singing since they were like a fetus in mommy' womb. STFU and give me a break people. Have some of these people really listened to what they sound like w/o the synthesizer water down job of the producer.  I am keeping it short and leaving you now because we are headed off to our towns Art & Wine {did I mention wine} Festival were their are LIVE bands who play actual instruments and jam together mmmm what a concept.......I leave you with the below worst of the worst so called "artist".....Happy Labor Day!


Sorry Cranky but her songs kinda suck and she cannot dance 


joeh said...

Hmmm complaining about today's music. Are you turning into your parents?

And when you make fun of Melissa you are going too far!


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I am always so embarrassed for those reality peeps who try and sing. I can't even watch! They are so bad!

becca said...

I can't be completely agreeable here because one of my favorite artist of today came from a reality show though he is trained and worked in the business before hitting the idol stage I personally think he beyond amazing vocally and creatively and if not for reality show i may never had gotten to hear him. so i think reality shows can find talented people. just my opinion.

Feeling the love......