Saturday, September 15, 2012

WTF Friday......

The below was supposed to be the pst for Friday however it was daddy surgery day so I was kind of busy...Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes you guys are AMAzing and rock balls. I have said this many times before and I will say it again you can see who your REAL friends are when you go through stuff. It was so nice to receive well wishes from everyone out in FB land,  bloggy land, via text and phone calls making sure my pops was ok.  Pops is doing fine I talked to him last night and the head nurse said they want to keep him because he is charming the hell out of the nurses. He was flirting away so I know he was beginning to feel like his old self.........

Howdy guys....Probably going to be a short one today they wheeled my pops into surgery this morning at 7:07 this morning and now we are playing the waiting game. I would love to send a shout out to all my family friends and bloggy friends who are keeping my dad in their prayers it is during times like these you realize who your true blue friends are.  Anyways let's get this party started with a few tid bits that sent me into super duper bitch mode this week.

  • Dude Amanda Bynes what is going on with you? I mean Hollywood has a habit of using their young and then spitting them out. She is the latest in a long list of child stars who have hit the skids. Mmmmm a graduate of the Dina Lohan school of f*cked up 25 and under group? Get your shit together girl your heading down a shitty loop. 
  • Speaking of the train wreck called Lindsey Lohans mommy manager she is trying to blame editing {I LOVE when people do TV and that this the first excuse they use when the come off bad}  the world that her ass was not drunk during the Dr. Phil interview. I checked the clip out and I don't know about you folks but she is definitely OFF...This woman is a parasite and she should have her mother privileges taken away with a slew of other mothers that have irritated the shit out of me this week. Could this be liquor infused interview it definitely appears to be to me...What do you think? I have placed the link right here to my right .......just right there......there you go yeah that one you know you want to touch it.......Editing my ASS
  • OK this one is the pot calling the kettle black.....This one is a good one.....Kris Jenner had the nerve to say that the mother of Honey Boo Boo child is exploiting HBB by placing her on TV..WHAT THE F*CK did you just say that....You are the leader of taking your WHOLE family and exploiting them on weekly shows. You have train monkeys making huge amounts of money for you. And has much as you would like to deny it you had a part in your daughter releasing her SEX TAPE. You also said they were classless...why Kris because they don't have a boatload of money and hob nob with the rich and famous. Please woman your daughter made a shame of the institute of marriage and no matter what you want people to believe that whole 72 days of marriage thing was staged and it back fired on your lovely Kim's ass. You don't understand why the country is in love with HBB is maybe because unlike your overly made up, overly plastic, selfish band of monkeys they keep it real. Do us all a favor Kris...STFU and worry about your family and butt your business out of others. Exploiting her child....PLEASE WOMAN
  • Speaking of HBB - I have not watched the show but their is press everywhere on this show so it is hard not to read about it especially with me being a total crappy magazine whore. I have heard the show is a success however I saw the whole making the lemonade with 5 pounds of sugar? Shit I don't think I go through that much sugar in a year and I bake.....That is just wrong on so many levels - WTF crazy sugar high 

  • I am tired of FAKE people, people who play games, lie and are all about me, me, me.  GET OVER yourself. 
  • WTF is this stupid ass show *OK I love me some Bravo but lately some of the shows have gotten really bad* called Gallery Girls? GOD I have not seen a more annoying group of chicks then this herd.  Andy Cohen time for you to revamp some of your programming some of the shit is getting B-A-D. And let's not even go into the below group of over pumped botox "ladies" from RHOMIA most of the bitches are just not likable. 

That's it for this week gang off to be with my pops at the hospital.....Have a great weekend 


joeh said...

I have yet to watch HBB, fighting the urge...damn, quiting smoking was easier...must. be. strong.

Glad your Pops is doing well and still fiesty!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

SO glad to hear pops is flirting away and doing well:))
Okay I have no idea who this Amanda Bynes chick she like a teeny bopper girl? I have seen and heard her name every where but just havent paid attention. And seriouly Kris Jenner has the nerve to say that, when I heard that i was like WTF?!
And poor little HBB...I haven't seen the show either and just know of it through all the media it has been getting.

Susan said...

Glad your pops is doing okay!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Okay I must be living under a rock: I am reading all this stuff about Amanda Bynes, who is this? Honey Boo Boo, haven't seen her show yet, and RHOMIA - another one really??? Can't they finally see the Real HouseWives series only lead to divorces???

Feeling the love......