Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Tara Raid,
OMG girl wtf is going on with you?  I thought you had gotten your shit together until I saw the TMZ video of your super drunk and I do mean super drunk ass in St. Tropez - it looks like you have once again fallen off the wagon and bad this time. I mean you were never going to be Meryl Streep but you had a pretty good little career going and if you had chosen the right path you could have taken it a little farther and who knows maybe get yourself some "nice" studio mogul to marry you.   Honey it looks like you got involved with the wrong crowd…hmm…hhmmmm the no longer relevant Paris Hilton has a way of destroying girls lives doesn’t she?   You were once an “It” girl, had the world by its balls was even engaged to Carson Daly {tool} but even he could not deal with your partying ways.  Now we have all had our hard core partying days…shit your talking to a an ex-party girl.  However after a certain age things should start to slow down, shit does not bounce back as well as it usually did in the 20’s and being that you are now 36 it is time to start taking care of that skin and getting some much needed beauty rest. Yes their is always plastic surgery but based on your past surgeon choices {hello botched lipo/boob jobs} that might not be an option.

I think the press has treated you badly and I think you also give them the ammo for such treatment. Nothing is less attractive then a drooling, tumbling drunken slip of a girl who has no clue where you are and how bad you look. The video on TMZ makes you look like a total hot mess{see below for total alienation of motorcycle}. I wonder where all the money is coming from to party this way? I mean I know you made some money with most of the American Pie's but that could not be enough to get you through the rest of your life? I am waiting to see if a sex tape pops up soon because that seems the way to go these days with getting famous or becoming relevant in order to work again...I mean look how far your friend Kim Kunfuc* got on just that one she made that was "accidentally" leaked. I am also hearing that your are now claiming that your were not drunk and it was all a set up. Oh dear........

Tara dear get some rehab or just take a long break from the booze. Hey I hear Dr. Drew is casting for his upcoming Celebrity Rehab maybe you can hit the fine doctor up for some help.



Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse

Seriously....WTF is wrong with that girl?! I had no clue she was 36.....she better hurry and her shit together!!! And I wouldn't be surprised if there is a sex tape out there.

Sarah @ It's a Vol

She used to be hot. Now's she's a hot mess. (I hate the phrase hot mess)

Feeling the love......

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