Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kindergarten Wars....

Remember the days when your mom brought you to your first kindergarten class you would just show up and they would admit me you?....Yah well those days are over especially in the area of the Bay that I live in.

 I thought PreK was a fight but it was nothing to the war of getting into kindergarten. I started this fight in early September 2015 checking out he local public schools after seeing, researching and investigating decided that the private route was to be the road for my little one. This is OUR preference not for everyone however a good portion of our local public schools are just not cutting it sorry. I don not know how it works in other parts of the country but I know that here in the lovely ass, expensive,  over crowded as hell part of my Bay Area this is our best option. Some of these public schools are so overcrowded 40 kids per class one aid and one teacher how is that possible. I am not even going to go into it because I do not know that much about the public school system but what I have seen personally we did not like.

So off we started looking at private schools and fortunately we found three that we really liked. With the 3 in our pockets I started booking tour dates as early as November 2015 for admissions in 2016. Yep almost a year just to book tours and get into the "system" and to view campus and see what it is all about. Now I am very familiar with the private/catholic school route I myself attended 12 years and besides a few minor things I really enjoyed my time there. I still have friends from grammar school as well as friends I communicate daily and still are friends with from high school. I also like that for 9 years you do not have to worry about looking for another school {because after the kindergarten process you need about a 9 year break}. I am not a fan of the K-5 then middle, then HS. I believe {no I know for a fact} that {some} little girls become evil little monsters during that 5th grade middle school transition - blame the hormones, Between the tours, the interviews and the assessment/interview of our little one it has been one crazy ass ride. I feel like we are interviewing for college. Some of the schools are super competitive and you sometimes get many admissions for very few spots.  It is almost like some kind of sport. Now I do not know what it was like a few years ago in the area but I know now that it has gotten pretty bad...we are overcrowded and our lovely area is in a building frenzy, their are not enough schools to support the boom of the modern day Gold Rush we are experiencing here in the bay Area. That is what happens when the whole damn world wants to live here. Of course we have a few quakes here and there - and we are on a 4 year emergency drought but that is not stopping herds of people moving into this area. 

We have gone through some stress - Tours, interviews for your little one and yourself, assessments to make sure your child is ready emotionally and mentally for the next step and for the school. It has been quite a joy ride without too much of the joy. This kind of stuff can really play hell with your schedule as well as take a toll on you emotionally. We now have completed all that we needed to do and are sitting waiting patiently for the results. It almost feels like your waiting to get picked for the dodge ball team and hopefully you will not be the last person picked. Wish us luck!!!!

****Note as of the end of last week we heard back from all three schools and my little one was accepted to all. It will be time to make that decision. So thrilled and think about it 9 years UNIFORMS no BS what the hell am I going to wear every morning with this already fashion obsesses little one. 


joeh said...

My Grandson is the least likely kid I could imagine to go to school with a nice shirt and tie every day. He hears it no problem! I am a big fan of school uniforms.

I suspect your school issue will improve in the near future. If the demand is that big, there will be more private schools at probably bigger costs. It just takes time for supply to catch up with demand.

Unknown said...

Having all boys the WTF am I going to wear hasn't happened yet but with a girl and as she gets older the uniforms will be nice:) I see the shit some of these high school chicks wear and OMG!
Cameron goes to a public school but it's kinda like a charter school within the district. We pay monthly donations BUT they cannot make you pay because it is a public school. I drive 20-25 minutes one way to take him. It's so worth it. Our "home" school was very NOT good at all. I love our school! It's an open program that has heavy parent participation and it's a that! Easton will start kinder in August and the class sizes just got reduced for next year so I believe it will be about 26 now...which is still a lot but better than 31.
So glad I have a teacher friend who recommended our school or else who knows where we would have ended up. GOOD LUCK in your decision girlfriend!!!! Okay Ive done enough of rambling here.

Unknown said...

Oh and love the blog!!!!!

camgold said...

I knew she would ace all the schools, its in the genes.

Feeling the love......