Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why big boobs.....

suck! For many years I wanted big boobs - not big ass gross porno size boobs but nice fuller C's.  I always admired from afar but I know I would never go in to get plastic surgery done. Plastic surgery is to each their own.  If you feel that going under the knife is going to make you feel better about yourself more power to you.  I however would not pay 20,000 to go under the knife and get something foreign shoved in my body and have to re do them in another 15 years so they won't explode in my chest.    I am not by any means a hippie skippy far from it  - but I have taken the holistic approach in my health and it has been working for me.  I also think that all this botox is not OK they say it is safe, but they also said smoking was safe about 60 years ago.  My boobs were always a great B but after I had my lovely daughter these bitches have gotten a bit bigger and to tell you the truth a big pain in the ass. I got measured for some new bras the other day and almost had a heart attached when I saw my new cup size. I knew that had gotten larger BUT DAMN....Let's just say that no longer wearing a bra is not going to be an option...Below are also other reasons why big titties are over rated.

  • Bras {in my opinion} are not as pretty and feel like some kind of chest armor from some medieval age 

  • You can no longer wear a damn button up blouse because the shirts never sit right just were your boob chest is or it just looks really tacky

  • Depending on clothing manufacturers you need to go up a size in dresses in order to fit your boobs and your ass area is still too big...So getting a great tailor is a must - but get ready for the additional $$$
  • Men's eyes tend to wander to that region they try not to but they can't help themselves but it always makes you feel cheap
  • No matter how great your work out bras is working out bounce sucks 
  • Swimsuit shopping sucks even more than it usually does! Because no matter how you try and squeeze those puppies in they look like stuffed mushrooms not pretty.

  • Droop Droop from the weight of those big ugly floppy boobs from when  you had no matter how many exercises you do they will never be perky again...bastards!

  • Have you tried golfing with tits?!?


Andrea said...

Can't remember the last time I was able to buy a one size bathing suit! Lands End separates have been my friends for over 14 years!

joeh said...

I would try golfing with tits, but I'd be afraid of taking a divot.

MunirGhiasuddin said...

How about leaving something for imagination? Back home we have something called a "Dupattas" Thin scarves if you will) that kind of sit on a form fitted dress. The kind of cover the breast area while still showing the shape. Men love Duppattas.

Unknown said...

Ok I went under the knife last march and got implants. At first I was totally against it but then I had kids and they turned very droopy and floppy. They were hideous.They are large now and I about dropped when I heard my bra size. I still have issues finding bras and a bathing suit you can just forget about BUT I am still so glad I did it. I am much happier and feel better about myself. I never thought I would ever feel or say that but it's true. Believe it is weird to think I have something foreign inside me and my boobs got so stretched I will need a lift in the future.
Oh and golfing with new boobies took some getting used to:) Okay anyway I have rambled on now for too long. Hope all is well with you.

Feeling the love......