Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When did we lose.....the

children and have them replaced with pseudo hookers/porn stars? I am sorry to make it sound so harsh people but damn WTF has happened to some of these upcoming generation of little girls? I am besides myself with shock and let me tell you folks it takes ALLOT to shock me. I am scared that I am trying to raise a girl in this society right now and all I want to do is pull a Rapunzel and place her ass up in the tower so no one can get to her.  This all came up with a conversation I was having with my brother where he said their was an article in GQ where{some} tween/teen age girls are aspiring to be porn stars when they grow up......WTF come again bro? But again nothing shocks me anymore especially since we have "women" like Kim DaBigButt and ParisSkank that skyrocketed to fame after an "accidental" release of a sex tape. How the hell do you respect a person who had some dude pee on them then film it....And what makes it worse is a mother who drafted the whole deal. I feel sad for this new generation of girls growing up with social media shoved down their throats and around their ass. I know that I as a parent - I am frightened- I know that I as a parent will probably lose all self control when it comes to protecting my daughter. We are living in an age where for some reason little girls swinging on polls is considered "cute to some people and where girls have no shame when it comes to flashing their boobs and other parts of their anatomy via social media for acceptance. I mean their is no shame in having a sex tape in this crazy time we are living. But I guess it must look all great when someone who does make a sex tape...gets a reality show...makes tons of money....marries an athlete for 72 hours then get knocked up and is going out with a super annoying narcissistic rap douche and  all is ok in the world.

I hope things change around but I don't see it happening anytime soon -I know that I am on my daughters butt about many things and I have already started talking to my daughter about certain sensitive subject matters it might seem a little early but in this day and age it doesn't seem soon enough.  and she is only going to be 4. It will keep myself from losing my mind and punching someone in the face in the near future.....

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Unknown said...

i agree 1 billion per cent! i don't care -- i am raising my daughter to be strong, independent and to value herself as more than a body to please others!
this generation of young women is pathetic! and their parents should own their part in it!

great post!

Feeling the love......