Friday, December 28, 2012

Back in the saddle.....

Was up - felt reindeer masks for the kiddos 
again....Well folks another Christmas has come and gone.....Heading into the home stretch of a New Year and 2013. Holy shit I do not believe that it will be 2013.  I am still like what the hell happened to the 90's and early 2000 ????....Christmas was fabulous at the house we went all out with the Christmas dinner and we had way too much of a good time. Planning a dinner party requires allot of time and organization and because I am anal and have slight OCD I start prepping about 2-3 weeks before the event. Between ordering the flowers, planning the table and food, coming up with a color scheme it takes some time.  Yep I know but I do not do things half assed and it is all or nothing.

Oreo Mini Cheescakes 
This year purple, white and silver 
The menu was as follows: 
I do assorted cheeses on a large cutting board - let's just say we are about cheese in this house and we have become known for the cheese tray.....
Various artisan breads
Short Ribs
Fresh crab stuffed sole baked with crispy bread crumb top
Twice stuffed potatoes infused with truffle oil and bacon
Shaved fennel salad TY to my SIL mommy
Roasted Veggies
Cream puffs with custard
Oreo mini cheesecakes with fresh whipped creme
Chocolate dipped pretzels with candy coating
Rice Krispies for the kiddos

Creme Puff Tower I filled with custard can we say SINFUL

Table setting 

All white flowers throughout the house

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods 
GG got total loot because I started present shopping early I forgot what I hid and bought so it was like holy crap man she got loot. My husband tells me I spoil her but I really do not. I have one of her and if she behaves and does what she needs to do then it is my pleasure if she behaves like a total brat ass it is nothing and tough shit. 

Barbie Doll House  
New Year is going to bringing many new challenges and changes. I am looking forward at looking for a new home with my family. It is time to get out of dodge and look for a larger place. We are moving closer to were my family is and all of my true blue friends are. I want my daughter to grow up around the same awesome friend unit I grew up around.  I have learned that you can only count on family and certain friends in time of need.  I am also excited to think that we will finally have a backyard. City living does not allow for much yard and even though I have hiking trails around me I would love just to open a back door and have my little out there with the pups. We are just out growing our place and I am beginning to feel a tad claustrophobic and quite frankly I am just ready for a change. I am super excited at the process...not so much the packing part...and the holy shit this dump is almost 900,000 and I have to do work before I even move in. YES people we live in California and the house prices where we live are just f*ckin high. 900,000 anywhere would probably buy us a nice piece of property or some type of McMansion but here near the lovely GGB is gets you shit. So I am not looking forward to that part. I am also thinking I might want to rent at first to see really check out the hoods so I don't end up in some lame ass neighborhood where the people suck. All my Xmas decorations have already been put away and stored away for another year. 

NYE my happy old ass is staying home and doing the family things. I did enough hard core partying through my young adult life that I do not need to wait in line for a drink. We are professionals we drink at Anyways that is it for now. Hope everyone had a kick ass Christmas!



joeh said...

Can you say Martha Stewart?

Jo said...

You did an amazing amount of prep and work for Christmas. Holy sh*t. Also? Can I just say? Tower of cream puffs? DO WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNTTT

Unknown said...

Where was MY invitation? ;) Seriously though, everything looks delicious.

YOUR HOUSE IS ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS. HOLY CRAP. I thought Chicago was expensive but nothing like that. Yikes!

Michael Ann said...

Everything looks amazing!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Yikes! and I thought I was doing well to shove the prime rib in the oven and have baked potatoes. I bow to you.

Unknown said... really go all out! you did a great job, looks wonderful! and my goodness the goodies look yummy!!! we will be staying home for NYE too, seriously what can we do with 3 kids plus i doubt we will even make it to midnight;)
cant wait to hear about the moving once that happens,we just did that a year fun! what area are you guys looking at moving? the bay area is so $$$ as you alreadt know!!! happy new year!!!!!

Im A Silly Mami said...

Wow, that was some serious table setting! Looked totally Fab! So glad it's over. We'll be hanging at home NYE also. Too many crazies out there and don't care to freeze my ass either.

Glad you all had a great Christmas and tell hubby that it's ok to spoil the munchkins - they are only this little once!


Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Aren't you a closet Martha Stewart...your table setting is awesome. Who Knew?

Feeling the love......