Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Mmmmmm

As I sit here an watch old school cartoons with LDG I have noticed that Bugs Bunny really loves to dress in women's clothes. That gray fluffy bunny knows how to rock some heels........ That'sssss all Folks!

Opera Bunny

Hillbilly Bunny
Tasmanian Devil Bunny

Southern Belle Bunny

Jessica Rabbit Bunny

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Unknown said...

bugs bunny was (and still is) my favorite cartoon of all time -- i LIVED for the bugs bunny roadrunner show -- back when cartoons ONLY came on saturday mornings! and one of my most favorite things was when bugs dressed like a chick??? dunno why but i loved it -- especially the opera episode!!
needless to say -- i love this post & thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Feeling the love......