Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ewwwww...ok I am totally grossed......

the hell out. I got up at 5:00 this morning, could not go back to sleep so of course I got up and started cruising the TV channels,  was not quite fully awake to post so I thought I would check out some of the morning news to get my blood boiling. Well all their is on the news this morning on this side of the country is the we are the 99% percent protest and the mayhem some of the protesters are causing - always a few rotten friggin apples that f*** up the bunch - and that is all I am going to say on that subject.

Any woo, I was over the news so I cruised to one of the movie channels and there it was - the movie
Fast Food Nation -  had read the book and loved it,  but I had never seen the movie so what the hell,  let's take a looksy. Can I say b-i-g-g-e-s-t mistake EVER..I am officially traumatized, broken and just not ok. I mean I had read the book and in my mind imagined the carnage but seeing it on the screen like that really put into perspective. It is scary as shit when you think about were our beef comes from. If you have never read/seen this movie pick up and get yourself some facts because I am telling you after this I will no longer eat at a fast food restaurant.    Let me tell it to you straight.....I used to venture into a fast food restaurant  -  once a year if that and for the following reasons.

  1. I am so hung over from the night before that nothing will work except for a greasy ass hamburger from whatever crap chain is closest. This used to happen often in the good ol' party years now very, very few and far between
  2. I am PMSing my balls off and I need beef any type of beef - but I have been so good that this has not happened. I would rather go purchase grass fed hamburger meat at the local butchers and make it myself at least I control how I grill it and with what.
What is scary too me is I know people that eat this crap every other day twice a day. That cannot be OK...right? I mean when I do have a hamburger from one of these FF places I am in the bathroom for hours the same day..Happy...Happy...Joy...Joy.....Thought you would appreciate the

I mean I know I am going to get slammed in the face with a chair for this one but I think that kids and adults should limit their fast food intake. The chemicals in the processing of this shit is just scary....I  hear from many folks "OH it is cheap and I cannot afford to cook my own meals and for $10.00 I can feed the whole family"....Sorry folks.....I call bull shit!...I have been budgeting and shopping around and you can put together nice, budget friendly meals that are healthy for the same amount of money that you can get that ff food crap for. It requires planning and some imagination but it can be done and I know a whole lotta peeps that do it - everyday.
"Oh easy for you to say your a SAHM mom you have all the time in the world to cook healthy budget friendly meals yada..yada......Bulls shit know why because even when I was working I cooked almost every night on a budget....I want my little one to grow up knowing how to cook, this is something my mom and dad made sure I knew how to do. Even when I was a sulky teenager my dad grabbed me by the hair and made sure I watched him cook....I watched...I learned and what I did not know I found how to do. I am going to try my very damn best to never ever have my child eat fast food. 

I mean sorry I maybe cannot compete with a 79 cent taco from Taco Bell but damn can you really call the ground beef that they put on those tacos actual ground beef because I don't think it is ground beef ?!? And would I really want to compete with that shit? I am thinking of deleting red meat from my diet all I know this is going to take some time, because I do crave a nice piece of meat{grass fed only} once in awhile but definitely will not be partaking in any fast food eating ever again....Just too grossed out.


Unknown said...

yeah i watched that movie early this year & promptly went vegan for five months after -- no lie! it is scary but mainly because it is true!

i am dying to see *forks over knives* -- and i am sure that will send me into another vegan spell.

i do eat meat now on ocasion but never from fast food places or many restaurants even.

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

I refuse to watch that movie, because I know it'll gross me out! We limit our FF intake to instances of road trips and like every now and then when we are 30 minutes from home and I am starving (I'm hypoglycemic). Like you I was raised knowing how to cook. I'll teach my kid the same thing, because if we want tacos, then we sure as hell are gonna be making them at home with whole ingreadients for toppings. Not running out for the $2.99 XXL chalupa from Toxic Hell. That $2.99price tag is gonna cost a whole hell of a lot more in medical bills later on if you keep eating them.

This is why it made me so mad when McDonalds made apples the default in their happy meals. Dude. If freakin' Mickey Dees has to step in to teach your kids how to eat healthy then you have failed as a parent. We shouldn't be eating fast food so much that it has to come to that. It should be a "bad for you treat" that you get every once in awhile. Like white sugar. I'll always get Evie fries if she wants them because I promise we won't eat there more than 4 times a year, as a treat.

I need to stop typing now because I about lose it when I think of the nutrition and food sources in this country.

Babes Mami said...

I watched that awhile ago and I was so grossed out!! Scary stuff!

Jo said...

I'm hard to gross out (even though you might think otherwise), but that photo really did it to me. That is just SO GROSS. I need to look at it any time I want a McBurger.


Michael Ann said...

I'm with Sarah, I can't watch it but I am totally anti-fast food anyway. It grosses me out. My youngest son watched this movie in Healthy class. Yay teacher! He is a health-food nut anyway (my son is!) and the two of us eat very well. My husband and older son eat crap. The only time I think they eat well is when I cook for them.

Sheri said...

I have never watched the movie or read the book but don't eat fast food unless I have to for these gross, disgusting reasons. Mystery meat is never on my list of ever.

Greta said...

I totally cannot watch that! I was watching Food Revolution and watching Jamie Oliver show people what they ate...needless to say, we made MAJOR changes in our house.

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Unknown said...

I know right!
I watched Food Inc. and was grossed out! It totally changed my way of thinking!

I'm a new follower because of 's blog hop!
I LOVE your blog!

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Sarah @ Made in USA Challenge said...

I haven't seen that movie and I'm not planning on it! This just makes me even happier and more confident about being a vegetarian. If the movie can help open some more eyes, I'm all for it.

Kerry said...

Sometimes it's good to watch something like that cause it gives you a better understanding of what you're actually eating and scares the crap out of you for ever eating it again!! I haven't watched the movie but I can imagine eeewwwww

Rebecca said...

didn't see that but not sure i want to

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