Friday, May 11, 2012

WTF Friday......

Howdy ho little ladies and guys.  Once again we find ourselves completing a really hectic week and wondering were the hell time goes. This weekend is my second mothers' day and looking forward to it. The only thing I asked for this year {because I have already kind of purchased the Michael Kors bag I wanted...shit I suck} is for me to be able to take one shower without my dear little GG. I want to be able to shave my legs without fear of falling or cutting my toddler. That's not asking for allot right?  Happy Friday my awesome blogger friends.

  • Can someone tell me WTF is up with celebrity couples that are renewing their marriage vows after being married a WHOLE friggin year. Really...shit that honor should be left to the couples that actually make it past 15 years. 

  • Bristol Palin you need to know when to STFU - Everyone is entiled to their opinion however you are not one to talk. You had a child out of wedlock and based on your "religious" beliefs that is a big No-No. Also last I checked the dear farther of your beautiful child is not in his life at all. So you have no right to state what makes a good parent home and what does not. I know plenty of awesome people who come from single family and same sex parent homes.Oh and I hear your also "living in sin" you moved in with another dude and will be filming a reality show for Lifetime based on what you said this is going to be a "trial" marriage? Wow girl you need to check yourself how nontraditional can you get? Below is a bit of the comment.......HeLLo I am in the year 2012 right?
Your bullshit comment : 
“We know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.”

Yeah cuz this union really worked out for you is this what you consider stable?

  • You know your getting old is when they start using your old heavy metal tunes{oh Ozzy} for car commercials. Yikes 
  • You don't like Howard Stern don't watch the f*ckin show. All you are doing is giving the network some easy breezy free publicity. No Howard is not for everyone but you know what you either love him or hate him. And if you hate him their is this new awesome little thing that comes with your TV that is called a remote...change the damn channel. 

  • Dear Tom Brady I get that your are married to a ridiculously hot supermodel {annoying as f*ck} but hot. I am wondering when you  handed off your balls and gave them to your wife? Was she the one that actually made you believe you looked good with this gel like contraption on your head.  It looks like you stuck your head in a jar of  petroleum jelly.  
  • Why is that people you do not wanna see naked are the ones that are the first to take of their clothes?
  • Ice Bra - WTF? Just released in Japan a bra that contains built in ice packs. So does that mean you can keep your nipples erectly cool while also keeping your beer nice and cold....The shit that people come up with is beyond me......

  • OK I know this one has been neat to death this week. But really you bring your 6 year old to a tanning salon. I mean does this woman not get the whole skin cancer thing. And who the f8ck brings their 5 year old tanning?  This woman needs some major help and therapy....And no I am not jealous you leathery cow. How can this person look in the mirror and thinks this looks good? 


joeh said...

yes to everything, double yes to Howard (there are people who don't love Howard- WTF)


Desiree @ said...

The ice bra looks hilarious! I do kind of wonder what sizes are available. Haha.

Amanda said...

I am a new follower and would love a follow back at

Mommy Does Everything said...

Once again LMAO !! I am so happy I found this blog your friggen hysterical !! Happy mothers day its my 2nd too and I booked a SPA day ALONE lol I too would love to get ready with out my son taking everything out of the drawers and making a disater of the bathroom.
Loved your Bristol Rant !! shes ridiculous and the lady that looks like a Brown leather handbag I cant with her too !! Happy Weekend.
P.S. I read your italian are you from NY too !! just wondering bc you have the qualities lol

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Ice bra, lol! Yes this is the world we live in...smh! Stopping by
from BHE! Great blog, hope to see you at mine soon! :)

Hubba said...

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Six Feet Under Blog said...

Love your wtf Fridays lol
New follower from blog hop. Hope to get a follow back and a new friend too!

KERRY said...

Hahaha I absolutely agree on everything you said!! She is disgusting looking, that is not attractive at all!!
The ice bra? Seriously?
What's next I wonder?
Happy 2nd Mother's Day to you, enjoy your weekend with cute little GG xo

Susan said...

Okay. There are people that don't love Howard? That's a WTF all in itself! I <3 me some Howard Stern!

Did I mention my daughter is 12 and a shower without someone (her or my roommates) knocking on the damn door is a freakin' miracle? LOL Did you put a picture of the bag up btw? I don't remember the gorgeousness of such a thing but this has been a long couple of weeks! :D

PS: I've been a follower, you're already reading my ramblings and I actually read your post.

*wink* Couldn't help myself. That crap drives me crazy!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I missed the comment Bristol made....and yeah she needs to STFU. Are they really giving her a reality show?! Oh geeze!
ANd seriously...WTF was Tom Brady thinking?! His new do looks terrible!

Hope you get your mother's day wish:)) Mine no longer want to shower with me so I have to convince them to watch TV in our room while I shower but instead they jump on the bed, wrestle, play with the ceiling fan, and torture both the cat and dog.

Happy mother's day weekend Mommy Bags!!!!

ana said...

Lol! Happy Mother's Day weekend! I asked for a Kate Spade bag...but the Mr. said, "Ah hells no!".

Ummm yes Tom Brady - Where are your balls? He's the kind of guy proudly purchasing tampons at the store.

And tanning salon lady? - She is straight cray cray.

Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Loblol spot on as usual!! Happy mothers day!!!

Feeling the love......