Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The things that.....

toddler say.  I hope that everyone out there had a great 3 day weekend ours was pretty bad ass and we are moving like slugs this am but I need to get my butt in gear I need to get GG up and ready to go for her hair cut she is beginning to look like Davy Jones {RIP} with her long bangs in her face because even though my daughter will sport some fresh hats she refuses to war any type of barrette or hair bow to keep the damn hair off her face. I am also going in to get my hair done and I think it might be time for a little change....I usually dye my hair a deep red alla Julia Roberts in pretty woman but that is for fall...it is now almost summer and would like to lighten up a little so I am going to do some caramel highlight alla Jennifer Lopez. I know boring shit right?

Anyways I was doing my usual weekly grocery shopping yesterday {with husband help}.  GG is almost 2 1/2 it is almost impossible to keep her in the shopping cart so she likes to walk with my as I do my shopping. Now it was fairly early in the morning so the store was fairly quite. As I am shopping away and my little one is next to me she spots those damn bouncy balls/water guns/cheap plastic shit from China bin that the stores like to put out and this time of year to drive parents crazy. Annnnd...she takes off...in her loud outside voice she starts saying.

"Mommmyyy....ballllsss.....ballllssss.......Mommy I love the blue balls......Mommy look how big the balls are...Mommmyyy I love balls.....Mommy can I touch the balls". 

OK I know it is totally stupid and juvenile but husband and I with the rest of the 7 people in the aisle started cracking the f up. I mean for some reason at 9:00 am that was just too funny. Now my little one has no idea what was going on but she started jumping up and down happily in the process and kept saying funny... funny...mommy...daddy.... laugh. It will be a long while before she ever gets that "joke" but you know what it was something that will go down as something funny - to us. This is a story I will tell to embarrass the shit out of her when she is in high school.  You take these special moments and treasure them because soon enough she will not want to be seen with me.


joeh said...

When my youngest crank was seven he came out of the sporting goods store and loudly proclaimed in front of several patrons,
"Gee Dad, I LOVE 'DICKS'"



Little Sister said...

That is too funny! At least everyone was laughing with you. I hate when people give you the evil eye for something seemingly innocent your child says. It's like, come-on people, can't you see the humor in this?

Andrea said...

I'd have been laughing right there with ya!

Jennifer Gilbart said...

Blue balls! I would have cracked up in the store too.

Mommy Bags said...

I mean come on balls....I've got big balls

KERRY said...

Hahaha too cute!!
I can just imagine it :)

krystimarie said...

Love your blog!
Found you on the blog hop.
Care to follow back?


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