Friday, May 18, 2012

WTF Friday.....

Hello hello my special friends. Another Friday and our weekend is looking packed. Another warm and beautiful day here in NoCal and I am getting ready to hit the gym. I need as much energy as I can today for my little GG is having her first sleep over tonight. Nothing major just her cousin LDog who is 3 and full of energy. Thank goodness I stocked up on some vino from last weeks Napa adventure. I will be making homemade thin crust pizza for dinner and baking them some cupcakes today....My husband is kinda of freaking out...... 2 kids but we can handle it...we got problem.....Wish us luck! Have a super Friday......

  • Octomom giving mommy advice to Tanning Mom...Are you serious?  Both of you are NOT the role models of what moms should be. Kettle meet pot. Can we just have them duke it out in some jello? Can you imagine the freaks that would pay up to that show. 
 Let's get ready to ruuuuuuumble 
  • Why is it that you make a list, you check it twice and you still forget shit at the grocery store 

  • When you step up to a bar, a coffee bar, restaurant to go order can you please have your shit together so not to have people waiting for more than 10 minutes because you cannot order a drink or make up your mind on what you want off the menu. Step aside we will show you how it's done. 
  • Why is it that their are some ladies out there who never give props on how you cook/bake/do because they feel the need to always try to one up you? Patience level is reaching all time low and I feel I will soon blow and when I do it will not be pretty. 

  • People who have full blown conversations on their cell phones when everyone around you is trying to work out...STFU
  • WTF is with these chicks who are wearing hard core metal shirts...I know it's "trendy" right now to do so however you know half these biatches wearing them have no clue and have probably never listened to a Anthrax/Metallica/Pantera EVER in there lives. 
If you can't rock out like B& B then you have not right to sport the T
  • 67 year old man dies of heart attack at stripe club after a few lap dances poor dude but I guess if you got to go that is the the best way to go
  • Liars - enuff said 
  • Oh lord I used to worship Fonzie from Happy though the life insurance commercial he is doing as left me completely speechless.   Me.... Speechless?!?

  •  Dear Mark Zuckerber we get that you are a total rich man and probably don't give a shit and you can buy anything you want so could you pretty please then go out and get your self a stylist. Your "immature" dress code is kinda of getting old. Your a 28 year old man not a little boy going out to play.  There is a reason GQ voted you one of the worst dressed.  Take some style pointers from the below gents. They know how to do it!
Tom Ford 
The Big DB

Ryan Reynolds 


joeh said...

WoW, this week I don't agree with everything!

I always thought Fonzie was a putz

A heart attack with a hot chick better than on a roller coaster, but a lap dance? Lap dance is for losers!

I think they all dress like a-holes
why not just wear a sign around their neck saying I'm too cool to give a shit!
For good fashion, I choose the galloping gormet on the start of this post. OOga! (was that gay? Ooga?)Oo La la is 1940's Hubba hubba really ages me...hmmm I'm too freaking old to oogle...damn!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Amen on all counts sister, except for the fonz (although he was pretty smokin back in the day). Have a great weekend!!! We are headed to the lake for some rnr!

Mommy Does Everything said...

Love it all lol !! Octomom and the leather bag lmao imagine !! And seriously with the Facebook kid a hoodie and jeans !! Probably wants to make a statement meanwhile you look horrible !! Happy fri good luck tonight

C.J. said...

Ahaha, so funny! Found you on the blog hop, follow back when you can! :D

Michael Ann said...

Loved it as usual! Just had that happen to me with two women taking forever to order their coffee or smoothies or whatever. Should have stood back an figured it all out before getting in line. Grrr...

KERRY said...

I loved loved loved this post!!! One of my fave's for sure!
You make me laugh and why the hell can't I look as good as that chick in the kitchen up the top of your post?
Good luck with two kids :)

Susan said...

When you finally blow up, will you video it for me???

Awesome WTF Friday!


Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

ahhhh, Ryan Reynolds... that was such a good way to end.

Feeling the love......