Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a relaxing ass...

weekend. It was perfect and we all really needed it. We have been having some major summer time weather in our area but however good things never last and once it gets super butt hot in our valley areas we on the coast get socked in with fog. I got up Saturday morning and looked outside my window and I flipped off the foggy thickness of the bay area.  F*CK man I was looking forward to hanging out with the doggies and the fam at the beach but noooooo.  I got up and said screw this let's go a chase some sun and we decided to head to my happiest place on earth the Napa valley which is a 45 minutes card ride from my casa. Wine {yes I broke my wine vow} but you know what,  is was worth every damn drop and boy did it relax my whole body. I don't know if it is because it reminds me of Italy/France countryside but as soon as I am up there I am a  whole different person. Husband and I have decided that this is the place we will probably retire. We did not know this going up but they closed down the whole main street for this rad ass old school car show - you know when cars were actually made of  steel and had the body of goddesses. It was great just cruising up and down the street hubby with a beer me with some vino and checking out the cool rides. Check out some of these beauties.

This is my ultimate dream car 

Oh this was so tent at the event. Check out how many strollers are parked at the beer tent. Yep this was a friggin crack up....Hey you know we parents need some juice

Stroller double parking at beer tent.....Classic 
After the cruise we had a nice rowdy lunch because their is no other way to have lunch with a toddler except for it to be rowdy. Nuther' glass of wine please! We did a little bit of shopping and then it was off to Dean and Deluca which I worship the alter of. I know they are a bit overpriced but as soon as you walk in to the place the smell of prosciutto, fresh bread and cheeses make your mouth water to the point of drowning.

Pit stop done then we were off to visit a really good friend at the winery she works at. It was awesome seeing her she is going through a tough time right now so I just wanted too let her know that we are there for her. Plus we got the opportunity to taste some amazing wine while we caught up. It was so much fun seeing the reaction of people who were coming into the tasting room to see us in there with a toddler who was fast asleep in her stroller - relax we had a few sips the size of a nickle so let's not get our panties in a bunch we were good. Little bit of a care package made it's way back to our home.

After that little jaunt we were P-O-O-P-E-D and decided it was time to head back home which we really really did not want to do. Napa is the kind of place you just want to stay in towards the evening it is always nice to walk around after some dinner without a jacket and actually see stars. My husband said if we did not have the doggies to get back to we would have found a hotel and stayed the night....We got home decided to grab some super super thin crust pizza's from our local yummy pizza place and headed home. Dogs were super super happy to see us and they were ready to go for a walk. Today has been pretty laid back day and  I have had fun celebrating my 2nd Mother'd Day - I got to take a shower all by myself this morning something that I had wished on to my husband when asked what I wanted to do today. It was awesome!  I also found this by my bedside this morning from GG and my man - I love orchids they remind me of my mom and I love the way they are so graceful and elegantly beautiful.

Overall a  f*cking fantastic Mother's Day weekend. Hope you all of you hot moms are having a great day and weekend.


Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Yea!!! Now my Darling can fill my glass again... yes, BAAAD gurl Caffe... bad, bad gurl! lol I'm so delighted that you had a wonderful MILF, I mean... Mommy's Day. xoxo

ana said...

Ahhh LOVE Napa! Sounds like a lovely well deserved day! Cheers! ;) xoxo

Susan said...

So glad that you had a great day. All the pictures were fabulous! I love Napa. I miss Napa.

Beautiful orchids. ;)

75% Hippie

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Yay! Glad you had a great day!!!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

ahhhh sounds divine.. I want to hate you for bragging about it, but I can't cause I just love you so much!

Mommy Does Everything said...

Looks Great !! Always wanted to go to Napa . I am A huge wine lover lol so I told hubby for our 5 yr anniversary I want to go there god willing :)

Feeling the love......