Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why are some.....

women some undercover bitches?  You know the type

  • Claims to be everyone's friend, 
  • Disguises herself in the body of the sweet as pie girly girl always helpful blah blah BLAH  - the most dangerous because you never know how evil they can really be 
  • Sociopath liar who lives in a fantasy world - the worst is when they are not good at it 
  • Self centered shifty asshole{s} 
  • Always playing games you never know were you stand with them
  • When you confront undercover bitch{s} about all the above what is the creative comeback in 95% of said undercover bitche{s} cases? -  "Oh you/they/our all just jealous..... Give me a f*ckin break you self centered cow! 

I am so sorry to say but when anyone man or woman talks "about how women are" I have to agree...sorry but I do..... Some women can be vindictive, nasty, unforgiving, catty, and just plain mean. I sometimes wish we were more like have a problem, you get it out on the table you might or might not beat the shit out of each other but then it's all good let's have a drink.  Some women tend to hold on to it and do the passive aggressive thing.  There is no loyalty among the UB{undercover bitch} you can never fully trust her...believe you me I have been burnt by an UB as well as others - I am not going to go in the details because just the thought of her sets me off were she is fortunate I had other friends keep me back from smashing her face into the ground. Augh....lost myself there for a moment..Wusa....Wusa..OK I am back.   I have seen it in some play groups{which are the worst}, grocery stores, supposedly women "support groups" and so on. I am keeping my fingers crossed that when GG starts preschool I am not going to be met with this uber bitchy high school clicky thing because I am in my early 40's and let me tell you I just don't give a f*ck anymore. If I were not say anything in a shitty situation it would be because of my daughter. God.....I really hope that GG does not have to go through this kind of crap but I would be lying to myself to make me believe it is not going to happen at some point in her girl career. I really do not deal with UB{s} anymore I have encountered the species but I chose not to get overly involved. To this day I would rather have a straight up in your face bitch than some UB. At least with an upfront bitch you know where you stand.

I am in my early 40's at this point in my life the good friends I have had have been the ones that I have had forever and have been their for me through hard times as well as the good so
The die hard's, the bad asses and the semi drunks {j/k}.  I thank my lucky stars that I got fortunate enough to meet this group of kick ass ladies who do not take and do not give shit. Cheers lovely ladies you know who you are!

Paris being the queen of the undercover bitches 2006
Karma came back to this one heard that Tara and Kim are now friends and they totally dissed Paris in Cannes on P whatever yacht
Yes little bit of stupid ass gossip to get you through the


joeh said...

I believer you are right. There are many things that men could learn from women, but if women could only learn to say "Fuck you asshole" and then go have a drink we would be living in a better world.

Maybe you could start a trend.

Cranky Old Man

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Females can be downright evil. There is a reason they say the female of the species is deadlier than the male (or however it goes).

I DO NOT look forward to 13 with a little girl and all the other like bitchy 13 year olds out there.

Mommy Bags said...

See how much better it would be just to say fuck it have a drink and move on BUT hell no it does not work that way in womanland

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

I know right, it's other moms hating on other moms? I just don't get it. I see this all the time at my kids activities... the staring, the judging the whispering... and the best is the fake smile. Why do women hate other women?

Feeling the love......