Friday, March 23, 2012

WTF Friday.....

Howdy ho my special special people out in bloggyland. I am here on Friday morning just hanging out and getting some thoughts on paper. It has been a really hectic week as usual. My lovely daughter has decided to go on strike on when it comes to her naps. so It has been 6:00 am until 8:00 pm of some good times. I have mixed her daily activities up in order to get her little ass tired so far it has not worked! So tell me WTF is going on? I would take even just 1/2 but she is giving me NOTHING. Just when I think I got her down she snaps back up...$*&^@(*&!  I am with my child 24/7 sometimes I just want a little time for myself  but with this little one not napping in the afternoon trend I don't think it is going to happen. Preschool starts in 4 months and counting - Oh come one who am I trying to fool you know I am going to be bawling my eyes out when I drop her off on her first day of preschool. Wahhhhhhh.  So let's get this party started.....

  • WTF is that feeling called when your in the car and you know that your foot is on the brake but then you think your car is moving and you freak the f*ck out and start breaking and the dude in the car next to you is busting out what is that called? Yeah mad a total ass out of myslef....Woot Woot
  • Gray away is that just not spray paint?
  • I get that that people think the human body is beautiful when a woman is pregnant but I am quite frankly over staring at celebrities on the covers of magazines with their big old pregnant Buddha belly as pretty as they might be
  • Why is every movie being made in or being redone in 3D?  You know what if a movie is going to suck it is going to suck in 3D....mmmmm any questions
  • Must stop catching up on Project Runway before I hit the hay...I have been having very strange dreams of Tim Gunn, bolts of fabric and needles....Mmmmm yeah.....I know
  • Why the f*ck did I waste two hours of my time watching Green Lantern?  Not even the super babealisciouse Ryan Reynold in super tight green tights could save this one.
  • People like this should be taken away and placed on stupid island. Man is central Florida {there we are back in Florida again} calls 911 in order to bitch that his wife would not let him check his facebook in peace. I can't even make excuses for people like this who tie up 911 lines for such assine bull shit crap like this. 911 is for emergencies only...say it again with me slowely emergencies only dumb ass!
  • WTF can you believe that the below man Gene Simmons has never had a drink in his whole life except for a few sips on his wedding day that is pretty friggin amazing.

  • Dear next door neighbors could you please not leave out nasty ass chicken skin in random neighborhood cats bowls {cats don't have owners they just wander the neighborhood looking for food}. My lovely dogs know were they are and gobble the gross ass shit in a split second making it really hard to stop before they do this. If you decide that this not work for you I will leave the nasty ass throw up I have been cleaning up on a daily basis for the last week on your door step. Thank you

Day 7 of 6 month no wine challenge - 173 more days to f*ckin go!


joeh said...

OK, this week is easy:
Yes to everything except Green Lanturn-did not see it.

Regarding children - I used to hear parents brag about how their toddler took long and frequent naps, ate everything in front of them, and never got into any exploration trouble...I would whisper to my wife

"It is fucking easy to raise a TURNIP"

Cranky Old Man

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Your WTF Friday's always make my day!

I have no children, but my mom raised 4 of her own and has given tips to the parents of her 7 grandchildren.
Is your baby girls room dark? Mom always had and still does use light out curtains. And she always used a free standing fan in the room, just facing the wall. It was to muffle out the outside noise. This has worked wonders for the kids (ages 1-8) especially my nephew a.k.a "the TEXAS Tornado" (4) he's a ball of energy. I will admit I do this to sleep too. The hubs thinks I'm nuts with the fan, but I actually do need it to fall asleep. I tell him blame my mom.

Lacey said...

I thought the same thing about Green Lantern. I watched it for the first time the other night. What a waste of time. The next morning my husband (a big comic book nerd) told me he removed the movie from his "wish list" after watching it that night. Haha

Michael Ann said...

Your daughter sounds like she is just ready to give up her nap. That is ok, she can go to bed 1/2 hour earlier! You can have "quiet time" instead. Insist on it and she will get used to it. My kids still remember "quite time." LOL! They had to stay in their rooms for 30 min, playing by themselves or looking at books or whatever. Sometimes they fell asleep!

Really? Gene Simmons doesn't drink? I had no idea.

Theresa said...

Hey there pretty mama I got a new blog if u would like to follow me back that would be awesome!! :D!
My old one got out of hand and i had to start fresh! i missed you guys!!! I didnt forget about u my wonderful blogger!!!!! i caught up with your musings and brilliant as always!

Feeling the love......