Friday, March 16, 2012

WTF Friday is back....

Hola my fellow blogland ladies and gents. Hope your week as been awesome and quick. As you all know we have been having some major rain storms here in NCali and GG, the dogs and I are beginning to climb the walls. It is supposed to last through the weekend but I do have some major shopping plans so we are covered for Saturday. I bought a bunch of beading and toys to keep her busy with projects on Sunday so keep fingers crossed that we do not all go insane during this winter storm moment.
  • WTF is wrong with California drivers...One bit of rain hits the road and everyone forgets how to drive.  Man the stupid shit I have seen in the last few days is enough to make me lock myself in my home and never leave
  • And on the subject matter peeps that think it is OK to to play speed demo on the freeway during a massive rain storm? California drivers cannot drive in bad weather...can you imagine if it we ever have a snow storm...we would be f*cked. 

  • How many brain cells do you think I have lost in the last few years watching all this shitty reality TV.....

  • Okkkaaayyyy ladies when you look in the mirror and and you see an orange umpa lumpa staring back at you it it time to step away from the self tanner.....I too *shaking head* have been a victim of too many spray tans. 
  • I am a pretty germ aware person and I do not like to touch things that are totally grimmy and I love my Purell but this morning when I was working out the guy next to me was wearing winter gloves? Does that strike anyone as weird or is it just me...anyone...No?

  • Khloe Kard. on Cheaters????....I love you Khloe but leave the Cheating chase down to Joey Greco..I mean the dude got stabbed in one of his episodes and he kept on filming...What a sport. There is not way you could chase down the cheaters in your 5 inch Louboutin's. 
  • So you know how I feel about Jennifer Aniston she is not cute and I do not see were this woman is considered one of the most beautiful in the world {demand recount}..... Her monthly beauty treatments is an astounding $8,000 this does not include her hair appts and her chemical peels that she loves so much. I guess it is a relative but damn that is a whole lotta money to pay for a so so result.
  • OK when did it become NOT ok to open birthday presents at a birthday party...I am not understanding were the f*ck all these stupid rules came from???? I guess I am out of the loop...All new to me I guess...On the topic of birthday parties.....Check out the video of a boy yes a boy not a man having his birthday at Hooters? WTF really. I guess this happens allot?  This just does not seem right.
  • I hate PMS WHYYYYYYYY does it feel like I am "normal" for only 2 weeks out of the month?  I am so damn sick of this shit.......Only Doritos love me during this time 

  • I might be losing it but I am about to make a huge change in my life for the next 6 months that may or may not have me losing my shit but I think it is time to make a total health change I am taking 180 degrees no more do overs. Ouch......more to follow on Saturday's post. 
  • What is wrong with our society when they actually have a story in the news about a 37 year old cop getting attacked by his girlfriend who threw two dolls at him one a Barbie the other one a Justin Bieber doll. Wahhhhh it bruised his foot and he is all upset. What makes me lmao at this story is that when the newscaster was reporting it he made it sound so so serious.  I am like dude, you got pegged by a friggin Justin Bieber doll how much damage could that possibly do? I mean look at this doll are you kidding me. I would be embarrassed to have my pic out there on the news. Man up Mofo WTF?

Guys this has nothing to do with WTF Friday but I want to make sure that I send a message out PLEASE don't text and drive. I read this article the other night it brought tears to my eyes. It is just not worth it to text and drive. Nothing is ever that friggin urgent and if you must text pull the hell over or just wait.

Happy Friday 


Knocked Up in Bama said...

Spray tans...not as bad as self tanner, which leaves you with the "I just choked an Oompa Loompa" look on your hands.

I wonder if Sookie will get a Knocked up reality know she will...god help us all.

Michael Ann said...

Still look forward to WTF Fridays! You never disappoint :-) Calif. drivers are the WORST!

Andrea said...

We saw a car flipped over this morning on our way out of was raining, and did not make me look forward to the rest of our drive!

That's a lot of suspense! Glad tomorrow is Saturday!

Mommy With Selective Memory said...

thanks for this!! Quite a treat!!! Where do you find all the great pics??? :-)

KERRY said...

Oh so it's not just some drivers in Australia that think they're invinsible in the wet weather? It drives me nuts!!!
I don't like germs, I have an issue with germs lol and seriously that doll throwing story made the news?? Is there nothing else to report on over there lol, like bad drivers?
Have a great weekend!!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I know really....WTF to all these gosh darn idiot drivers?! I saw some stupid sh*t too last week. every morning last week the news was filled with accident reports. And such a sad sad story:((

Feeling the love......